How to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Most Pokemon GO players want them, because their Pokemon tend to need them, but the good news is Pinap Berries aren't too tough to come by.

Once trainers reach level 18, the pineapple-shaped treat will be unlocked. Although they have a very different use in the mainline Pokemon series, in Pokemon GO they are given to wild Pokemon during catch encounters. If a Pokemon fed a Pinap Berry is caught on the next throw, the amount of candy trainers will receive from the catch will double.

For many Pokemon that require a large amount of candies to evolve, such as Swablu or Magikarp, they are even more valuable.

Ways to get Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Since they're not available on their own via Pokemon GO's in-game store, berries including Pinaps will need to be acquired by various means through playing the game. Some will be much more reliable than others, but all of these methods will provide Pinap Berries in some capacity. There are also Silver Pinap Berries to consider in Pokemon GO, which are even more rare but improve a Pokemon's catch chances by 1.8x and multiply the amount of candy received from the catch by 2.3x. Receiving Silver Pinaps is often more daunting than their standard counterparts, but they are still within reach for determined trainers.

Ways Pokemon GO players can expect to acquire standard Pinap Berries are:

  • Leveling Up: Simply by acquiring XP during play, trainers increasing their overall level will reward several items, among them Pinap Berries. As previously stated, Pinap Berries won't be available to a player until their level reaches 18. Afterwards, they can expect to receive Pinaps at levels 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, and 49.
  • Gyms and Pokestops: By spinning the photo disc at any Pokemon GO Gym or Pokestop, players will receive items as a reward. While berries are a part of the item pool made available from spinning a Pokestop or Gym, there are also a large variety of other items that may appear including Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, Revives, Evolution Items, Gifts, and Stickers. Some of these items will be restricted depending on players' levels, and Pinap Berries themselves are far from guaranteed on any given spin.
  • Community/Daily/Limited Time Boxes: While berries themselves aren't available for purchase in Pokemon GO's shop, they can be found at times in boxes at the top of the shop's menu. Most of these boxes will cost Pokecoins, but there are often special free promotional boxes made available via Niantic. They won't always carry Pinap berries, but players can check back often to see if the new boxes available have what they need.
  • Completing Research Tasks: Research can often be tricky to complete depending on what the task is asking, but many of the rewards offered to players can be worth the effort. Berries are often seen sprinkled into research rewards along with XP bonuses, Pokemon encounters, and other items. If players spot a research reward offering standard or Silver Pinap Berries, it may be worth the time invested to meet that task's requirement.
  • Opening Gifts: Having friends pays off big time in Pokemon GO, as giving and receiving gifts are only part of the benefits. When it comes to Pinap Berries, opening gifts from other trainers is heavily beneficial to a player's stockpile. Trainer gifts often provide berries alongside Pokeballs, Potions, Stardust, and Stickers. In the event a player isn't in an area with a high population, there are several sites that help trainers swap Friend Codes and open up the gift-sharing capacity. The more gifts opened, the more berries players can expect to receive, so they're incredibly helpful for snagging Pinaps.

When it comes to the elusive Silver Pinap Berries, trainers can try these methods:

  • Mega Raid Battles: In addition to the precious Mega Energy needed to evolve a Pokemon into its Mega form temporarily, Pokemon GO's Mega Raid Bosses can also provide berries such as Silver Pinaps or Golden Razz Berries. Be sure to bring as many friends as you can to these raid battles, as Mega Pokemon are tough contenders as raid bosses.
  • Research Tasks: As outlined previously, certain research tasks will yield Silver Pinap Berries specifically. Though they won't be as easy to find as those that reward standard Pinaps, they can often appear during special events, giving players extra opportunities to find them.
  • GO Battle League: As part of Pokemon GO Battle League's current Season 7 rewards, Silver Pinaps can be a random reward for both basic and premium players in the in the league after their second win.
  • Leveling through the 40s: Once trainers hit level 43, they'll be rewarded 20 Pinap Berries. Additionally, they'll receive 15 more at level 48.
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