How to get Galarian Farfetch'd for Pokemon GO Mythic Blade Collection Challenge

Catching Galarian Farfetch
Catching Galarian Farfetch'd in Pokemon GO (Image via Pokemon GO)

The Mythic Blade event is currently live in Pokemon GO and has brought its own event-themed Collection Challenge and Field Research tasks as well as rewards. To complete the Collection Challenge, players will need to catch a long list of pocket monsters in-game, including Galarian Farfetch'd.

The second event under the banner of Mythical Wishes, Mythic Blade brings a plethora of Fighting-type creatures back to Pokemon GO, along with the debuts of Crabrawler and Crabominable. The event will also see Keldeo make its first appearance in Niantic's AR title through the means of a ticketed Special Research story called Something Extraordinary. So how can Pokemon GO trainers get Galarian Farfetch'd in-game?


How to easily catch Galarian Farfetch'd in Pokemon GO Mythic Blade?

The dual-type Normal and Flying Generation 1 Farfetch'd has a Galarian regional form that sports a Fighting-type and is thus being featured in the Mythic Blade event that is presently active in-game. This version of the Pokemon can evolve into Sirfethc'd.

The Mythical Blade Event Collection Challenge has the following list of pocket monsters that players need to get:

  • Catch Hitmonchan
  • Catch Hitmonlee
  • Catch Hitmontop
  • Catch Machop
  • Catch Makuhita
  • Catch Meditite
  • Catch Machoke
  • Catch Hariyama
  • Catch Medicham
  • Catch Crabrawler
  • Catch Galarian Farfetch'd

Upon completion of the challenge, players will receive 1x Fast TM and 1x Charged TM as rewards. While most of the names on the list have been easier to come across through wild spawns, players have struggled to catch the Galarian Farfetch'd. The easiest way to capture the Pokemon is to do it through the currently live event-themed Field Research tasks.

Mythic Blade has brought three of these that you can get by interacting with the Disks at PokeStops and Gyms. The following tasks are what you need to focus on:

  • Catch 15 Fighting-type Pokemon - You will get to encounter Galarian Farfetch'd (Shiny variant is available)
  • Power up Pokemon 15 times - You will get to encounter Galarian Farfetch'd (Shiny variant is available)

Mythic Blade began on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 10 am local time and will come to an end on Sunday, December 11, at 8 pm local time. As long as the event is around, players can also catch the newly-arrived Crabrawler, the Generation 7 Fighting-type Pokemon, and then evolve it into Crabominable. This evolution requires 50 Candy, and gamers have to be in the vicinity of a PokeStop, which has a Glacial Lure Module activated.

What else is there in the Pokemon GO Mythic Blade Collection Challenge

As mentioned earlier, Keldeo, the Colt Pokemon, will be available in Pokemon GO for the first time through the Special Research story, Something Extraordinary, which will be exclusively provided to ticket holders and is arriving on December 10. Along with getting to encounter the Mythical pocket monster, players will get other rewards and an increased chance of coming across certain Pokemon when Incense is activated.

The decision to put Keldeo behind a ticketed Special Research story has not sat well with the Pokemon GO community at large. Trainers are enraged with the decision, tagging it as a "greedy" move from Niantic and one that is driving away Pokemon GO players.

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