How to evolve Crabominable from Crabrawler in Pokemon GO? (December 2022)

Crabrawler evolving into Crabominable (Image via Pokemon GO)
Crabrawler evolving into Crabominable (Image via Pokemon GO)

As Mythic Blade comes online in Pokemon GO, the event will debut three pocket monsters in Niantic's AR title, along with a host of Fighting-type critters descending across the map. While the Mythical Pokemon Keldeo's first appearance will be paywalled behind a ticketed event-exclusive Special Research story, Crabrawler and Crabominable will be available to be caught.

Niantic's decision to make Keldeo, the Colt Pokemon, available to those trainers who purchase tickets to the exclusive Special Research story Something Extraordinary has not gone down well with players. Tagging the move as "greedy," the community at large has been critical of such practices since Niantic recently did the same for Spiritomb.

How can players evolve Crabrawler into Crabominable in Pokemon GO

Introduced back in Generation 7, Crabrawler is a Fighting-type pocket monster with two large blue claws that look like boxing gloves. Its visual design is loosely based on the physical characteristics of the coconut crab, while Pokedex entries from various generations confirm that its shells and pincers are used as tasty ingredients that are popular among the masses.

Crabrawler coming to Pokemon GO (Image via Pokemon GO)
Crabrawler coming to Pokemon GO (Image via Pokemon GO)

The Mythic Blade event, which will run from Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 10:00 am till Sunday, December 11, 2022, at 8:00 pm local time, marks the first appearance of Crabrawler in-game. It will spawn around players in the wild, and there are no added requirements for it to appear.

Once players have a hold of a Crabrawler, they can further evolve it into Crabominable. The evolution in question requires 50 Crabrawler Candy and utilizing a Glacial Lure Module. The former requirement can be quickly completed by catching the Boxing Pokemon in the wild in enough numbers. The latter is a tad trickier.

Glacial Lure Modules are an upgraded form of the normal Lure Modules where it attracts more numbers of Water- and Ice-type pocket monsters when deployed at a PokeStop. Once activated, this is a global effect, and any player in the vicinity of PokeStop can enjoy the advantage.


To evolve Crabrawler to Crabominable, players must procure a Glacial Lure Module and activate it on PokeStop. Once the module has been deployed, it must stand within the area of effect to perform the evolution. Glacial Lure Modules can be purchased from Pokemon GO's in-game store for 180 PokeCoins.

Crabominable is a dual-type Fighting and Ice pocket monster known as the Wooly Crab Pokemon. Bulbapedia points to the Yeti crabs as inspiration for its visual design. Its Pokedex entry back in Pokemon Ultra Moon mentions that the fury of its punches can even turn back avalanches.

The best moveset to utilize Crabominable is a combination of Rock Smash (Fighting-type) and Crabhammer (Water-type). It remains to be seen how it fits into the current meta of Pokemon GO. Mythical Blade also marks the debut of Keldeo, and readers can learn all the necessary details about it in this article.

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