How to get Visor Slaking in Pokemon GO, and can it be shiny?

How to get Visor Slaking in Pokemon GO, and is Shiny Visor Slaking available?
Family line of Slaktoh in the Shared Skies seaons (Image via Niantic)

Visor Slaking is a costumed variant of Slaking that wears a Visor in Pokemon GO. Niantic will debut this creature in the Slumbering Sands event. Coincidentally, the shiny form of the monster will also be available during it. Both of them display impressive battle capabilities, but the Shiny Slaking with a Visor is more appealing.

This is the first time that this Normal-type Pokemon with a unique costume will arrive in the game, so don’t miss the opportunity to secure it during the event.

You should note that trainers cannot find a Visor Slaking or its shiny form directly from the Slumbering Sands. There is only one way to get this creature or its rarer form in this Pokemon GO event.

How can you get Visor Slaking in Pokemon GO?

Slaking in the official cover art. (Image via Niantic)
Slaking in the official cover art. (Image via Niantic)

The Slumbering Sands event will go live at 10 am local time on June 7, 2024, and end at 8 pm local time on June 12, 2024. You have to participate in this event to get a Visor Slaking in Pokemon GO. To acquire the entity, do this:

  • Obtain a Visor Slakoth.
  • Tigger the evolution process.

1) Obtain a Visor Slakoth

Only by getting a Visor Slakoth can trainers eventually own a Visor Slaking in the mobile game. Since the latter won't be a direct feature, one will have to rely on finding the former to get it. During the Slumbering Sands event, Slakoth wearing a Visor can be spotted in the wild. Moreover, you can also earn its encounters by completing the Field, Timed, and Paid Research quest.

While hunting for the Slakoth with a Visor in the overworld, you can use Lure Modules and Incense. With them, you can boost its spawn rate. The likelihood of meeting it is high in Partly Cloudy weather conditions because this weather automatically improves the rate of wild spawns.

2) Trigger Visor Vigoroth evolution

Visor Vigoroth is the second-stage evolution line of Visor Slakoth. Once you evolve the latter into the former, you have to evolve it one more time to get Slaking with a Visor in Pokemon GO.

Here is a detailed breakdown of how to obtain this creature:

  • Get a Visor Slakoth
  • Feed the monster 25 Candies.
  • It evolves into a Visor Vigoroth.
  • Give 100 more Candies.
  • It then evolves into a Visor Slaking.

How do you get Shiny Visor Slaking in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Visor Slaking (Image via TPC)
Shiny Visor Slaking (Image via TPC)

If you want a Shiny Visor Slaking, then you have to first evolve a Shiny Visor Slakoth into a Shiny Visor Vigoroth during the event. Pushing the evolution line one step further will give you a Shiny Slaking with a new costume.

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