How to quickly level up in Pokemon GO (October 2022)

Levelling up in Pokemon GO opens the gateway to a better gameplay experience (Images via Niantic)
Levelling up in Pokemon GO opens the gateway to a better gameplay experience (Images via Niantic)

Given the casual appeal of Pokemon GO, the popular augmented reality game continues to see players participate in its events and monster catching. Whether old or new, fans have a hill to climb with regard to leveling up and progressing in the game. There are various perks to gaining higher levels, so players will want to do so as soon as possible.

However, the grind can be pretty daunting for many, especially those just starting out. Here is how to level up quickly in Pokemon GO.

Make the most out of XP enhancing events and bonuses to level up fast in Pokemon GO in October 2022


XP is the key requirement to level up in the game. Thankfully, nearly every activity offers a certain amount of XP to players, from catching monsters and interacting with Pokestops to winning battles and partaking in raids.

The main method for leveling up fast revolves around hoarding methods that grant XP and then using a Lucky Egg to boost the XP gained (by double) from these activities and reaping the goods all at once. Since the effects of a Lucky Egg only last for 30 minutes, this is the best way to gain levels quickly. The below actions are the main ways to earn XP daily.

1) Complete missions

Players will have a series of daily tasks to perform, and once completed, all that remains is to click on the yellow 'Claim Reward!' banner to avail of the XP as well as any other bonuses that are offered. This may include unique monster encounters as well.

Since Lucky Eggs are hard to come by, make sure to hang on to these rewards and not claim them right away. Completing a Research Breakthrough, for example, can reward 3000 XP by default.

2) Raids

Raid battles are one of the defining features of the game. These see trainers team up to take down powerful creatures and gain the opportunity to catch the target monster.

Raids take place across five tiers, with a tier one raid granting 3000 XP for successful XP and tier five granting a whopping 10,000. Players can even double that with Lucky Eggs for 20,000 XP. Raid Hours allows players to chain together multiple raids, so this deal is made all the sweeter.

3) Friends and gifts

One of the easiest options on the list, GO grants XP for leveling up your friendship status with friends. Increasing friendship is as simple as sending gifts to each other and participating in raids.

The final rank, Best Friends, nets a massive 100,000 XP. However, the process takes around 90 days to complete. If nothing else, at least the raids also help gain precious experience.

4) Hatching and evolving Pokemon

The main draw of GO is catching and taming various Pokemon across different generations. They can also be evolved with the help of Pokemon-specific candy, which also grants XP. However, evolution will usually see players catch several Pokemon of the same kind (e.g. multiple Eevees) to gain more candies to reach the stage where evolution is possible. As such, it is a good idea to catch multiple Pokmon and evolve them all at once with the XP boost offered by Lucky Eggs.

Note that the player's XP trickle will start to slow down when they are past level 30. in such a case, be sure to safekeep any Lucky Eggs you find for that purpose.

Pokemon GO was released in 2016 and continues to see a dedicated playerbase thanks to in-game events by developer Niantic.