Is Alolan Golem worth using in Pokemon GO?

Alolan Golem is a new version of Kanto Golem (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Alolan Golem is a new version of Kanto Golem (Image via The Pokemon Company)

With the Pokemon getting access to a new move, many trainers are debating whether or not to use Alolan Golem in Pokemon GO.

Though this Pokemon never stunned players with its performances, things may be changing now that trainers can get Rollout by evolving Alolan Graveler into Alolan Golem during its Community Day (or up to two hours afterward). But exactly how much does Alolan Golem benefit from this move, and is the Pokemon actually worth using?

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One thing Rollout won’t be able to change is Alolan Golem’s stats, which look quite ordinary at first glance. Considering that it should likely be used in the Great League, its 211 Attack stat looks a lot better by comparison.

Alolan Golem also has a decent amount of bulk. While it isn’t exactly a wall, with 198 Defense and 190 Stamina, it will still take a large amount of damage before needing to switch out.

As for Rollout, it’s still debatable whether it’s better than Volt Switch, which usually is the fast move where Alolan Golem can be seen running. Volt Switch definitely does more damage (16 per use in PvP), but Rollout has better energy charging.

Gathering energy is also a huge issue for Alolan Golem, who will need lots of energy for its charge moves. Rock Blast needs 40 energy, Wild Charge needs 45, and Stone Edge needs 55. The quicker Alolan Golem can have these moves ready, the better.

Many trainers can get Alolan Golem through Geodude's Community Day (Image via Niantic)
Many trainers can get Alolan Golem through Geodude's Community Day (Image via Niantic)

Alolan Golem will also have very different matchups depending on which quick move it’s using. In terms of Great League, Rollout may be able to cover more threats.

Lots of Flying and Ice Pokemon are currently being used in the Great League. Hence, trainers might want to consider using Rollout to help Alolan Golem against Alolan Ninetails, Altaria, and a couple of other threats.

Volt Switch is useful because it can deal with Water-types (at least the ones not named Swampert). But this won't work all the time since Alolan Golem is still part Rock-type, so it would indeed take super effective damage; it’s simply unlikely that the Pokemon could win against Azumarill, Jellicent, or Walrein.

As for Raids, Alolan Golem has a lot more freedom with regard to its moveset. It can pair Volt Switch with Wild Charge or Rollout with Stone Edge and still perform decently.

The issue is that Alolan Golem is Electric-type and Rock-type; there are generally much better Raid boss slayers on either side. It’s really difficult for Alolan Golem to compete with Rampardos or Tyranitar on the Rock-type side and against Zapdos and Raikou on the Electric-type side.

Overall, Alolan Golem is worth using due only to its damage output. There are certainly better options to run, though, especially in the Great League. A trainer could pick up some wins with an Alolan Golem team, but as that trainer climbs, they may be tempted to replace the Pokemon with another bulky attacker like Galarian Stunfisk or Registeel.

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Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh
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