Is Finneon's shiny form in Pokemon GO?

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Finneon was introduced to Pokemon GO during the Holiday 2018 event but where can players find its shiny form?

Added alongside much of the Sinnoh region roster, the water-type Pokemon and its evolution Lumineon have made a number of appearances in events such as the 2019 Water Festival and April 2021's Sustainability Week. While it retains variants depending on its gender, players have sought after its shiny form since its release. Unfortunately for them, they may be in for a wait.

Finneon's shiny form is currently unreleased despite image leaks of the form having been released for some time. There has been no word as to when it will be made available in Pokemon GO.

Finding Finneon in the wild in Pokemon GO


While its shiny version may not yet be available, Finneon is still available to Pokemon GO players with a desire to collect it or at least log its Pokedex entry. Despite its stats, it is also capable of learning the charged attack Ice Beam, which may prove useful in battles. Fortunately, its current catch rate in the wild stands at 50%, meaning it won't take much effort on players' parts to capture. With an accompanying flee rate of 10%, it is unlikely to escape the catch encounter as well.

When searching for Finneon, Pokestop Lure Modules (especially Glacier Lures) and Incense will be invaluable at increasing its chances of spawning nearby during normal circumstances. Additionally, being close to bodies of water will allow a more abundant number of water Pokemon to spawn, giving Finneon a better shot of appearing. Rainy weather also provides an increased appearance of water-type Pokemon while boosting their CP at the same time.

There are also a number of events that increase Finneon's appearance chance, most notably its upcoming Spotlight Hour on April 27th. During this hour, Finneon will spawn much more frequently and offer double XP points alongside any other Pokemon species caught. Other events include the periodic Water Festival, as well as Pokemon GO Fest which occurs yearly.

Once players encounter the Pokemon itself, capturing it should not prove particularly difficult. With a maximum CP in the wild of 971, Pokeballs and Great Balls should prove effective enough at securing the catch. It doesn't hurt to feed it a Razz Berry to increase its catch chance to 75%, and hitting it with an accurate curveball throw will improve chances even further. With a little preparation, Finneon will be an easy acquisition for trainers on the hunt.

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