Is Shiny Petilil unavailable in Pokemon GO? (November 2022)

Petilil is a Grass-type Pokemon from Unova in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Petilil is a Grass-type Pokemon from Unova in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Hailing from the Unova region, Petelil is a Grass-type species in Pokemon GO that evolves into Lilligant. It's sighted quite often during springtime events, and it makes a home within the grassiest parts of nature.

Like with many Pokemon in Pokemon GO, trainers may be wondering about the status of Petilil's shiny form. Many have bemoaned the absence of the coveted form for this Pokemon. Sadly, that hasn't changed, and Niantic is yet to introduce shiny Petilil in any capacity. But that doesn't mean proceedings won't change in the future.


For Pokemon GO trainers hoping to capture a shiny Petilil and evolve it into a shiny Lilligant, there's certainly hope for 2023 and beyond.

When might we see Shiny Petilil in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Petilil as it appears in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Image via Game Freak)
Shiny Petilil as it appears in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (Image via Game Freak)

While shiny Petilil isn't yet available in Pokemon GO, there are still many Pocket Monsters that share the issue. In recent years, it is fairly common for many Pokemon not to receive their shiny forms right away, though some do during certain circumstances such as special events.

Since Petilil is one of many Pokemon that didn't receive a shiny upon release, an upcoming day on the event calendar may be the best bet.

Since Fall and Winter events are in full swing in Pokemon GO, Petilil may not appear in a new shiny form for some time. However, the first quarter of 2023 may yield different results, as Spring is the perfect opportunity to feature Grass and Bug-type Pokemon.

While Petilil certainly has a ton of competition to be in the spotlight, if trainers are vocal about their desires, Niantic may just surprise them.


Petilil does have an upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour on November 22, 2022, but it has been confirmed that shiny Petilil won't be introduced during this time.

However, Spring's event calendar in 2023 may very well change this for the better. Events like Eggstravaganza, the Spring Event, and Spring Into Spring all present chances for Niantic to give Petilil its shiny form at last.

However, it's important to note that this is speculation. Niantic operates on its own terms to maximize revenue and player engagement for data collection purposes. Therefore, Petilil may take part in an event well after Spring.

Niantic may even give the Bulb Pokemon its very own event in some capacity, though this kind of festivity tends to skew toward more popular Pokemon.


As 2023 approaches and begins in earnest, trainers should receive plenty of information from Niantic about what's to come. Developers tend to release details about upcoming events and implementations within weeks or months of them happening.

Each situation is different, but trainers will simply have to hope for Petilil. Sooner or later, their patience should be well-rewarded, and a chance will arise to catch shiny Petilil.

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