Pokemon GO player makes a PokeStop in real life, Reddit reacts

Imagine a PokeStop from Pokemon GO come to life (Image via Captain Steel
Imagine a PokeStop from Pokemon GO come to life (Image via Captain Steel

A Pokemon GO fan has decided to create a functioning PokeStop to be placed out in the real world.

The PokeStop has a familiar blue color, as seen in the mobile game, and even spins when pedestrians press the button at its front. When it spins, a box, which resembles a Gift from the game, drops with a special prize inside.


User RealCaptainSteel shared the real-life PokeStop on Reddit. At the time of writing, the post had nearly 23,000 upvotes.

A big blue button sits in the center of the PokeStop that people can press. The video does not explain how it works, but it appears to use a pulley system, as a rope comes out of the back.

When the button is pressed, the PokeStop spins. However, instead of a mass of PokeBalls and Berries being delivered, a Gift containing a Roggenrola drops out of it.

The only thing the PokeStop is missing is the color change to purple as it enters its cooldown period.

It would be absolutely crazy if Niantic created a marketing plan that saw Pokemon GO objects pop up in the real world. PokeStops will definitely be the first thing that fans will see around.

Until that happens, though, users will just have to stare in awe at the functioning PokeStop created by RealCaptainSteel. It has the height, the mechanics, and the goods that one would expect from a PokeStop found in the wild.

Reddit community reacts to the real-life PokeStop made by Pokemon GO fan

Needless to say, Pokemon GO fans were amazed by the real-life PokeStop. The replies to the Reddit post were overwhelmingly positive. Some users were disappointed that they couldn't experience it in person.

The PokeStop has left many commenters nostalgic for the early days of the mobile game. This was when thousands of trainers would flock to various areas in order to catch rare Pokemon together in a true moment of bonding.

The majority of users highlighted how RealCaptainSteel is making the community aspect of Pokemon GO more enjoyable and how they should be universally praised for it.

RealCaptainSteel has future plans for the PokeStop

After soaking up the support, RealCaptainSteel responded to the comments and divulged some of their plans for the PokeStop's future.

There are plenty of ideas to make this Pokemon GO feature even more lively.

RealCaptainSteel wants to make the PokeStop automated so that the prizes given don't need to be manually loaded every single time. This idea is amazing as it will make the landmark much more like the in-game version.

In addition, RealCaptainSteel plans on creating an updated version of the PokeStop with color-changing features. This will allow it to switch from blue to purple like the actual Pokemon GO PokeStops do during cooldown.

Of course, RealCaptainSteel also has plans to make Team GO Rocket take over the PokeStop, just like they do in the game. This would be a wonderful way to top off the already amazing work of creating a real-life PokeStop.

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