Pokemon GO Raid schedule during the Luminous Legends Y event

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic
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Several powerful Pokemon are going to be available through Raid battles throughout the Luminous Legends Y event.

This event, which serves as the sequel to the Luminous Legends X event, is focused around the introduction of Yveltal into Pokemon GO. To go along with this theme, most of the Raid bosses that will be featured are Dark-type Pokemon.

This can be a great opportunity for players who are trying to build a strong Ultra League or Master League team and need a counter to Psychic Pokemon (Shadow Mewtwo in particular). These are all of the Raid bosses to expect in both parts of the event.

All of the Pokemon available to be caught through Raids during Luminous Legends Y


There is a spread of common Dark-types that will be appearing in Raids. Sneasel, Murkrow and Alolan Meowth will all be available to fight. Oddly, one Psychic-type Pokemon (Espurr) will also be a Raid boss during the event. Sneasel might be the Raid boss that is most worth fighting in this group, since it can evolve into a strong attacker in Weavile.

Niantic has done everyone a favor with Tier 3 Raids, because the gigantic and powerful Tyranitar is going to be a Raid boss. This is arguably the best non-legendary Dark-type in the game, and catching this Pokemon could be great for an Ultra League or even Master League team. Cacturne, Absol and Galarian Weezing will also appear alongside Tyranitar in Tier 3 Raids.

Like Xerneas was during Luminous Legends X, Yveltal will be the Tier 5 Raid boss in this event. This will likely be an extremely challenging Raid boss to defeat. Yveltal has 246 Stamina, which means it’s almost essential to bring some strong super-effective attacks to have any hope.

It is also very difficult to guard against Dark and Flying coverage, and Yveltal knows Dark Pulse and Hurricane. More than five trainers should probably be brought to an Yveltal Raid. In the event that anyone tries this Raid battle with only five teammates, though, they better hope one of them has a Xerneas.

The Mega tier will be featuring Mega Altaria, a Pokemon that’s been getting a lot of attention lately with the previous Community Day. Altaria got access to Moonblast through that event, so it might be prudent to catch this Pokemon and use an Elite TM on it for Moonblast. The other Mega Pokemon appearing in Raids will be Mega Ampharos and Mega Houndoom.

One unique thing about Luminous Legends is that each event has two parts. The second part of Luminous Legends Y will feature some new Raid bosses along with the ones from part one.

In particular, five of the Eeveelutions (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon and Umbreon) will all be showing up in Tier 3 Raid battles. This is likely to celebrate Sylveon's introduction into the game. Also, if the Global Challenge for battling Team GO Rocket is completed, shiny Galarian Zigzagoon will also become a tier 1 Raid boss.

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