Pokemon Sword & Shield's latest giveaway lets European players acquire three Mythical monsters

These three underrated legendaries will soon be ontainable at various retailers (Images via The Pokemon Company)
These three underrated Mythicals will soon be obtainable at various retailers (Images via The Pokemon Company)

With the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, a brand new giveaway event is coming soon via the popular fan site Serebii. It will allow players to nab three Mythical creatures for the previous entry, Sword & Shield. The event is scheduled for September 9-30, 2022. Unfortunately, it is not a worldwide giveaway.

These will be handed out at various retailers scattered throughout Europe. That’s right. It is a continent-exclusive event. So the Americas, Asia, and other regions will be left out. Disappointing, but let's look at which monsters will be obtainable.

Pokemon Sword & Shield receives three overlooked Mythical creatures

The three Mythicals to be handed out are: Volcanion, Genesect, and Marshadow.

1) Volcanion

  • Type: Fire/Water
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • Held Item: None
  • Moveset: Steam Eruption, Flare Blitz, Incinerate, Haze

First seen in X & Y, Volcanion has a unique type, even in the case of Pokemon.

2) Genesect

  • Type: Steel/Bug
  • Ability: Download
  • Held Item: None
  • Moveset: Techno Blast, X-scissor, Metal Claw, Fell Stinger

Genesect first appeared in Generation 5 (Black/White/Black 2/White 2). It was also the only Bug-type Mythical until Sun & Moon's Ultra Beasts like Pheromosa and Buzzwole.

3) Marshadow

  • Type: Fighting/Ghost
  • Ability: Technician
  • Held Item: None
  • Moveset: Spectral Thief, Drain Punch, Force Palm, Shadow Sneak

This one debuted in the Sun & Moon saga as an adorable wispy entity, which is curiously also the part Fighting type - another rarity among Mythicals.

Note that all three creatures will be redeemable with just one code, so it is a 3-for-1 deal instead of individual codes. Players from each country must check their respective retailers for the giveaway.

For players situated in the UK, GAME will be their go-to venue. For those from the Netherlands/Belgium, it is GameMania. Meanwhile, French players should visit Micromania.

Though that brings up the question: why are these three specifically bundled? Is it a coincidence or something more? Because interestingly, all three creatures have appeared in numerous movies based on the series, cast in significant roles.

Volcanion got the spotlight in Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion & the Mechanical Marvel. Genesect went against the iconic Mewtwo in Pokemon the Movie: Genesect & the Legend Awakened. Meanwhile, Marshadow also plays a crucial role in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Could something be on the horizon?

On the other hand, the region’s exclusivity is a bummer and only further fuels the annoyance felt by fans throughout the years. What are your thoughts? Here's hoping other regions will also be able to participate in this giveaway soon.

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