Release date for Pokémon GO’s May Community Day announced

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

Niantic announced on April 26th that the May Pokémon GO Community Day is Saturday, May 15th, with the featured Pokémon allegedly set to be none other than Swablu.

Community Day is an event in Pokemon Go that allows players to encounter special Pokémon that are rare to find in the wild. Held between 11 AM and 5 PM local time, Community Days include special ticketed research tasks to complete. Rewards for the research tasks include items, XP, stardust, and more Pokémon. Thanks to Reddit, we know that the paid special research story will be called "Cotton-Winged Bird." Swablu will be everywhere, so be sure to check out your local Pokéstops, or use incense for the chance to get a rare Shiny Swablu. If you're new to Pokémon GO, these six hours are the time to gain experience and catch rare and even legendary Pokémon.

Pokémon GO's May Community Day: What To Expect

We know so far from the Pokeminers of Reddit that the Mega evolution will likely be Mega Altaia. However, this has not been officially confirmed. It is also important to remember that you have to play Pokémon GO during the allotted time to receive all the event bonuses. Details will be available in the in-game news.

On that note, prep for Pokemon Go Community Day is key. Save up your Pokéballs, berries and incense if you can't make it to Pokéstops that day. Also, be sure to stop by the store in-game as there is typically an event box for purchase. However, they can cost around 30 Ultraballs, so use those sparingly in the days before the event to save up.

Lastly, stock up on candy for Community Day. In previous events, if you evolved the featured Pokémon during the event hours, they would also develop a special move which unique only to that event. The more you have prepped and saved for the day, the more you can get out of it, and celebrate Pokémon GO among your fellow trainers.

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