Pokemon GO: Best moveset for Mamoswine in June 2021

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

With the right moves, the Ground/Ice Pokemon Mamoswine can perform well in Ultra League and even Master League.

It may be odd to think of Mamoswine performing well against the intimidating legendaries of Master League. This Pokemon has great typing to deal with the threats of that meta, though.

Ice coverage allows it to beat many Dragon-type Pokemon and Flying-type Pokemon (along with a couple who are both, like Dragonite). It’s secondary Ground typing also lets it deal with Electric Pokemon, making it a phenomenal check to Shadow Zapdos. These are the moves trainers are going to want on their Mamoswine.

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Which moves give this strong Pokemon the highest damage output?


Despite a much lower base power, Powder Snow is typically run on Mamoswine over Mud Slap. There are several formidable Pokemon that Mamoswine cannot deal with without Powder Snow. Due to it’s ice type coverage, Mamoswine can hit Dragonite, Salamence, and even Rayquaza really hard. Mud Slap is not very effective against all of these, however.

The trade off with Powder Snow’s low 6 damage is that it charges 15 energy per use. That’s also a flat 15 EPS since Powder Snow takes exactly one second to use. That being said, there is nothing wrong with using Mud Slap for the damage (15 DPS). It may win less matchups, but if any trainers are just looking to add Mamoswine for the damage output, Mud Slap could be a fine alternative.

Avalanche is Mamoswine’s most potent weapon. For a move that only needs half the bar to use, 90 base damage plus STAB gives Mamoswine some great value. This move can get loads of damage on the likes of Dragonite, Landorus, Tornadus, Yveltal, and many of the Flying-types around PvP.

Bulldoze is the preferable option for charge move, mostly for having another STAB. It does about 10 less damage than Avalanche, but is still usable. This also allows Mamoswine to hit Steel-types, of which there are a lot in Master League (Metagross, Dialga, etc.). Due to it’s Ice typing, Mamoswine is vulnerable to Steel attacks, so it’s not a clear counter to these Pokemon. Bulldoze is simply a nice tool to have.

Some may be surprised that Stone Edge isn’t a preferred move on Mamoswine. Stone Edge is still a phenomenal move that drops tons of damage, but it actually doesn’t do Mamoswine many favors. Since it’s an Ice-type, Mamoswine can already beat the Flying-types that Stone Edge would be hitting. The same goes for Fire-types, where Bulldoze already hits for super effective.

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