Pokemon GO: Deoxys Defense Forme raid counters for July 2021

Image via the Pokemon Company
Image via the Pokemon Company

Now that it has become a raid boss for July, it’s going to take the bravest of trainers with the strongest Pokemon to defeat Deoxys Defense Forme.

If anyone thought taking down the Regi trio in raids was difficult, Deoxys Defense Forme will make them feel like pushovers. Unfortunately, trainers are going to have to overcome a painfully high 330 Defense stat, which is the highest Defense in the entire game (except for Shuckle). There is almost no beating this raid unless two things happen: the challenger brings multiple people, and the challenger brings Pokemon with a type advantage. Here are some Pokemon that are good to bring.

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Which Pokemon are needed to bring down the impentrable Deoxys Defense Forme?


Since Deoxys Defense Forme is a Psychic-type Pokemon, Dark, Ghost and Bug are the types trainers are going to want to look for to counter. Bugs aren’t as common nowadays, though, so more trainers probably have more Dark and Ghost types on their teams.

Statistically speaking, Gengar is the best Deoxys Defense counter. Due to it’s huge Attack stat and access to Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball, Gengar can hit Deoxys Defense with a barrage of strong blows. It can kill Deoxys Defense in a little over 1000 seconds.

There is one slight issue with this strategy, though; Gengar is also a Poison-type Pokemon as well as Ghost. This means that it’s taking super effective damage from Zen Headbutt and potentially a Psycho Boost. Gengar is a glass cannon, so it can’t afford to take hits to begin with.

That being said, with a good amount of help, Gengar can beat Deoxys Defense Forme before it faints from Zen Headbutt. If any brave soul wanted to beat this raid solo, though, Gengar probably isn’t recommended due to the typing.

Another Pokemon that is great for dealing with Deoxys Defense is Tyranitar. It resists Psychic moves and hits back for super effective, making it an ideal Pokemon for this match up.

Even Tyranitar, though, isn’t an iron clad countermeasure. Deoxys Defense also has access to the quick move Counter. Since Tyranitar is both Dark and Rock-type, it absolutely can’t take any Fighting hits whatsoever. So, in this instance, Deoxys Defense can literally Counter its counter.

Sadly, the same goes for Weavile. This Pokemon is Dark and Ice-type, so it runs the risk for taking quadruple effective damage from Counter as well.

While Bug-type Pokemon may not be as popular, some trainers may have Pokemon like Pinsir or a Scizor that can work well vs raid bosses. Yet again, though, Deoxys Defense has a move to cover these. With Rock Slide, Deoxys Defense can hit Bugs for super effective damage.

The saving grace, though, is that Bug Pokemon can get lots of damage off before Rock Slide gets charged. Also, Scizor takes neutral damage from Rock Slide since it is also Steel-type.

If all else fails, some trainers can simply rely on the best Pokemon in the game. Mewtwo, the ultimate boss killer, can simply put Deoxys Defense away with Shadow Ball. Even though it isn’t Dark or Ghost-type, it has the third highest TTW behind Tyranitar and Gengar.

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