Pokemon GO Halloween 2022 Event - Part I Field Research: Tasks, encounters, rewards and more

Mega Banette, Noibat, and Galarian Yamask have arrived in Pokemon GO
Mega Banette, Noibat, and Galarian Yamask have arrived in Pokemon GO's Halloween event (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO's Halloween event began today, October 20, 2022. The event is segmented into two parts, with the first part running until October 27, 2022, at 10:00 am local time.

During this event, the spookiest and most sinister Ghost-type Pokemon will be coming out to play. However, the available Pokemon are only the beginning.


New raids have arrived, along with a plethora of additional content, including item/resource bonuses, decorations, Field Research tasks, and a new Special Research Story. There's also plenty of Timed Research to complete, avatar customizations to collect, and more.

With so much content and only a week to dive into them, Pokemon GO trainers won't want to waste any time making the most of the initial leg of the game's Halloween event.

New avatar customization, Mega Banette, and other additions in Pokemon GO's Halloween Part I Event

Zubat ears and a Dusclops outfit for trainer avatars (Image via Niantic)
Zubat ears and a Dusclops outfit for trainer avatars (Image via Niantic)

This year's Halloween event in Pokemon GO is jam-packed with content, so much so that it has been segmented into two parts.

There's plenty of fun to be had, and trainers will receive a whole new slew of content once the second part of the Halloween event begins on October 27, 2022.

Given that there's limited time to complete Part I's content, it's important to know what has been introduced during the event's spooky festivities.

All features in Pokemon GO's Halloween Part I Event

  • Resource Bonuses - For the duration of the first part of the event, Pokemon GO trainers will receive double candy for catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon. Trainers above Level 31 will receive XL Candy while walking with their Buddy.
  • Additional Bonuses for $5 Ticket Event - Those who purchase the game's $5 event ticket will receive triple candy for hatching, catching, and transferring Pokemon. However, additional XL Candy will not be rewarded, and trainers will receive the same guaranteed candy intake for walking with their Buddy.
  • Mega Banette Arrives - Pokemon GO's latest Mega Evolution is Mega Banette, which will appear in Mega Raids as a boss.
  • Halloween Decorations - During the event, Pokemon GO trainers will notice that gyms and Pokestops have been suitably decorated for Halloween.
  • Music Changes - The haunting melody of Lavender Town will be audible during gameplay.
  • Featured Attacks - If Giratina is caught from October 20, 2022, to November 1, 2022, it will know the attack Shadow Force, a powerful Charged Move that has 120 power in PvP and 140 in PvE.
  • New Field Research - Completing Field Research during the first leg of the event will reward players with Mega Energy for Absol and Gengar. Trainers will also get the chance to catch the likes of Duskull, Shuppet, Yamask, Galarian Yamask, and Phantump.
  • New Special Research Story - Rhi and Professor Willow will be tasking trainers with a new Special Research Story known as Mysterious Masks. This will give trainers plenty of resources as well as the opportunity to catch, evolve, and power up Yamask and Galarian Yamask.
  • New Timed Research - Pokemon GO trainers can purchase a $1 ticket for a new set of Timed Research tasks, rewarding them with additional capture opportunities for Yamask and Galarian Yamask. There is also a $5 ticket that provides players with additional Pokemon rewards, including the likes of Ariados, Golbat, Umbreon, and Spiritomb.
  • New Avatar Customizations - Upon completing the $5 Timed Research, players will receive a lantern animation pose for their avatar. Additionally, expect to find an updated spooky pose in the in-game shop. New trainer outfits include Zubat ears as well as a Dusclops-themed mummy costume.
  • Shiny Pokemon Debut - For the first time, Pokemon GO trainers can now catch shiny variants of Galarian Yamask, Runerigus, Noibat, and Noivern.

Every Pokemon featured during Halloween Part I

  • Wild Pokemon - Zubat, Gastly, Haunter, Spinarak, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Sableye, Shuppet, Dusclops, Absol, Drifloon, Yamask, Golett, Phantump, Pumpkaboo
  • One-Star Raids - Sableye, Purrloin, Yamask, Galarian Yamask, Phantump
  • Three-Star Raids - Gengar, Umbreon, Drifblim, Drapion
  • Five-Star Raids - Altered Forme Giratina
  • Mega Raids - Mega Banette
  • 7km Egg Hatches - Yamask, Galarian Yamask, Golett, Phantump, Noibat

With so much new content arriving, Pokemon GO trainers will have plenty of work to do to get the most out of the first part of the Halloween event.

Before the event transitions, it's time to gather Pokeballs, berries, and Raid Passes. There's going to be plenty of catching and battling to do.

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