Pokemon GO: How to get and use the King's Rock item

The King's Rock is found in the Slowpoke Well by Azalea Town in Johto (Image via The Pokemon Company)
The King's Rock is found in the Slowpoke Well by Azalea Town in Johto (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Trainers looking to get Slowking or Politoed in Pokemon GO won’t be able to without a King’s Rock.

This item was introduced in Generation II. It was found on the bottom floor of, appropriately, the Slowpoke Well. In the main series games, Slowpoke and Poliwhirl needed to be traded with the King’s Rock to evolve. Thankfully, this mechanic isn’t in Pokemon GO. The tradeoff, though, is...this item is incredibly difficult to find.

How can Pokemon GO players get Politoed and Slowking?


The main way to get King’s Rock in Pokemon GO is by spinning PokeStops. Along with the rewards that come from a spin is a random chance of picking up one of the evolution items, King’s Rock among them.

Here’s the issue: the probability of getting a King’s Rock from spinning a PokeStop is less than 1%. Using this method is almost completely unreliable, so no trainers should really waste their time with this.

Thankfully, there’s a way to circumvent this issue. Some players might be familiar with the rewards that come from 7 day streaks of spinning PokeStops (really good for XP gain). Completing the full 7 days will result in a guaranteed evolution item.

Take note, though, that it’s one of the evolution items that is rewarded: not specifically a King’s Rock. There are four other evolutionary items in Pokemon GO, and the reward only guarantees getting one of these. This means it might take a couple weeks to find the King’s Rock.

That being said, every evolutionary item is highly valuable. Here are the others and the Pokemon they evolve:

  • Sun Stone: evolves Gloom into Bellosom, Sunkern into Sunflora, Petilil into Lilligant and Cottonee into Whimsicott
  • Dragon Scale: evolves Seadra into Kingrda
  • Metal Coat: evolves Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor
  • Up-Grade: evolves Porygon into Porygon 2

Trainers can also get the Sinnoh Stone and Unova Stone from the 7 day streaks. These are used to evolve other Pokemon that need items or trades to evolve in the Generation IV or V games.

To use the King’s Rock, trainers only need to give it to their Slowpoke or Poliwhirl with the right candy amount. It costs 50 candy to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking, and 100 candy to evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed. Both Pokemon are Water-type, while Slowking has a secondary Psychic typing.