Pokemon GO Shiny Galarian legendary birds guide

Shiny galarian Articuno, Shiny galarian moltres, and Shiny galarian zapdos
Shiny Galarian legendary birds in the main series (Image via Sportskeeda/The Pokemon Company)

There is a lot of variety among Pokemon GO players. You will come across trainers who like to power up their favorite legendary creatures to the highest possible level, hunt rare regional Pokemon, grind for shiny creatures, and test their skills in the GO Battle League. Pokemon GO has something that tickles everyone‘s fancies.

When it comes to finding shiny creatures and "catching ‘em all," you might not be able to do that in the title yet. As of this writing, Niantic has not introduced every available shiny critter to GO from the main series.

In this article, we will discuss the elusive Shiny Galarian legendary birds in this game and whether or not you can find and catch them in Pokemon GO.

Note: Some aspects of this article are speculative.

How to find the shiny variants of Galarian Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Galarian birds as seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image via Nintendo)
Shiny Galarian birds as seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Image via Nintendo)

The Shiny Galarian legendary birds are still not available in the game as of this writing. The Galarian legendary trio - Galarian Articuno, Galarian Moltres, and Galarian Zapdos - are some of the hardest creatures to catch in the game due to the nature of how they can be found. They only get spawned through Daily Adventure Incense, and even if you encounter one of them, their catch rates are extremely low.

Even if you feed them a Golden Razz Berry and make an Excellent Curveball throw using an Ultra Ball, the chances of catching these birds are infinitesimally small. Currently, the only way to a guaranteed catch would be by using a Master Ball.

If and when shiny variants of the Galarian legendary birds are brought to the game, it would be a guaranteed catch, as shiny legendary Pokemon will never flee.

Can you catch Shiny Galarian legendary birds in Pokemon GO?

As mentioned previously, as of this writing, you cannot encounter any Shiny Galarian legendary bird in this game. That said, Niantic may eventually introduce them to Pokemon GO.

Recently, a Reddit user, u/Next_Birthday4585, asked the GO community about the shiny legendary Galarian birds. They posted:

“Is it true that they have a shiny form available in game? I just found this but don’t know if it’s true. I feel lucky enough to encounter one of them during my walk but if i stumbled upon a shiny?? I’d probably lose my mind. Have you guys ever encountered one or caught one? Would this be an instant masterball situation?”
Comment byu/Next_Birthday4585 from discussion inpokemongo

There are a handful of trainers who are unaware of the fact that not all shiny Pokemon are a part of Pokemon GO. Niantic has been adding them slowly and gradually through various events and raids.

This was confirmed by one of the commenters on this post. They said:

“Every single Pokemon has a shiny variant, but not all of them are available in Pokemon Go yet. The Galarian birds aren't available as shinies in Pokemon Go yet.”
Comment byu/Next_Birthday4585 from discussion inpokemongo

It would be a wonderful inclusion in the game as the Shiny Galarian legendary birds would then be a sure shot catch. You would not be stressed about them fleeing. As rightly put by another commenter, who said:

“Shiny legendaries can't run. So yeah it'll take tons of balls but you'll end up catching it in an hour or so. I would love shiny ones.”

You would not have to waste your Master Ball on a shiny variant of these birds.

Best ways in which Niantic could introduce Shiny Galarian legendary birds in Pokemon GO

While it is hard to predict whether and how Niantic might bring these magnificent shiny creatures to the game, we can speculate a few ways, drawing inspiration from past events that introduced new shiny Pocket Monsters in this title.

Niantic could introduce a new event where the reward would be a shiny variant of the legendary Galarian bird trio. Just like Shiny Night Cap Snorlax was an event-exclusive shiny, the same could be true in this case. They could also debut in GO through five-star raids.