Pokemon GO: The best moveset for Registeel

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Registeel is the closest thing Pokemon GO has to an impenetrable wall, and trainers with this defensive deity are going to be really difficult to defeat.

Now is the time for trainers to go for Registeel since it’s featured in Raids and being showcased in its own Raid hour on Wednesday. A 285 Defense stat should be enough reason for anyone to start Raid hunting for this Pokemon.

In addition to this, Registeel also has an effective movepool, albeit a bit interesting. It used to be on top of the food chain in the Great League until it was supplanted by Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon. It can still deal with many Pokemon in Great League as well as Ultra League. Toss these moves on Registeel, and it will pick up easy wins.

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What moves does Registeel need to beat opposing Pokemon?


Registeel has one of the most unorthodox fast moves, but it oddly works. Even though it only has 1 base power, Lock On is the quick move of choice for Registeel. The reason why trainers will want to use this incredibly weak move is due to the energy it generates.

Lock On charges 6 Energy, and it also is very fast (300ms). This means that in five seconds, this Pokemon could have a strong move like Focus Blast of Hyper Beam charged up and ready to go.

Its other options, Metal Claw and Rock Smash, have a much higher damage output. Registeel only has 143 Attack, so these moves will do minimal damage anyways. Registeel benefits more from charging up its more powerful moves quickly.

The most important move for Registeel to learn is Focus Blast. This Pokemon really needs to capitalize on the energy gain with a strong charge move, and it’s hard to find a stronger move than Focus Blast. It may not be STAB, but base 140 damage will still leave a dent in most Pokemon.

Focus Blast also allows Registeel to play a bigger role in the meta. It’s clear that the premier Steel-types in the Great League are Galarian Stunfisk and Bastiodon. With Focus Blast, Registeel can beat both of these looming threats. Even if it means that Registeel has to take a couple super effective Mud Shots, it won’t take long to charge a Focus Blast and win out the 1v1 matchup with the other Steel-types.

Registeel’s second move should be Flash Cannon, but this move is really only useful because of STAB. Being a Steel-type Pokemon, it would be a shame if it didn’t have a move to hit the Fairy-types that it should counter.

Flash Cannon is one of the weaker moves compared to others that require a full bar of energy. It makes up for this by being a tad bit quicker and harder to dodge, but most trainers would probably prefer something with more power. Flash Cannon can still do decent damage and finish off weakened foes, though.

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