Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to defeat Iono (Levincia Gym)

Defeating Iono, Levincia Gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Defeating Iono, the Levincia Gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Levincia Gym is at number three if players follow the given order of Victory Road. This gym belongs to Iono, a strong Electric-type Gym Leader as well as an in-game social media influencer/live streamer. Interestingly, her in-game profession is constantly presented as the main theme throughout the gym tests and battles that players must go through.

Although some gym battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be relatively easy, this one will need a fair amount of strategizing for trainers to overcome. By finding a solid type advantage with proper planning and a well-thought-out strategy, you can easily win this tricky battle against the gym leader, Iono.

If you are fighting the gym leaders in the game's given order, Nemona will arrive first and challenge you to a battle. Her roster of Pokemon consists of a level 21 Rockruff, level 21 Pawmi, and a level 22 Floragato that will Terastallize immediately once it enters the battlefield.

Preparing for Levincia Gym in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


Ground-type Pokemon generally work best against Iono as she is an Electric-type Gym Leader. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players are advised to leave Levincia through the northern exit to reach the Eastern Province (Area Three), where they can encounter wild Dugtrio, Rolycoly, and Silicobra.

All three of these Pokemon can be found in the wild with levels around the mid-twenties, making them quite ideal to use against Iono's Pokemon after a little training. However, weaker Ground-type Pokemon that you encounter early on, such as Diglett and Paldean Wooper, won't be too effective against Iono's roster.

Completing the Levincia Gym Test (Find Mr. Walksabout) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


The test players must go through at Levincia Gym is more of a hide-and-seek game. You will need to find Director Clavell, who is also nicknamed Mr. Walksabout by Iono. A battle with Electric-type Pokemon will be initiated on the first two occasions of finding him. You can find him behind the pole of a parasol at a table to the right on the first screen.

In the second scene, he hides behind the left side of the Pokemon Center's counter. The third and last is slightly tricky, but Clavell can be found hiding in the deck of a small boat on the right side of the battle area. The first trainer uses a Luxio, while the second throws out a Tynamo and a Flaaffy, with all of these Pokemon being level 22.

Beating Levincia Gym Leader Iono in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet


As a Gym Leader, Iono has four Pokemon at her disposal, but not all of them are easily defeated by Ground-type attacks. While both Bellibolt and Luxio can be defeated by Ground-type moves, Wattrel is weak to two types of attacks, i.e. Rock-type and Ice-type. Iono also uses Mismagius as her Tera Pokemon, and after being Terastallized, Mismagius' Levitate ability significantly decreases all of its major weaknesses.

Essentially, Electric, Flying, and Ground-type moves will no longer work as expected. Furthermore, both physical and special attacks won't deal that much damage as Mismagius' Defense and Special Defense stats share identically high values. Players are also advised not to use a fighter that's weak against Ghost or Electric-type moves, so you can rule out the option of using Ghost, Flying, Psychic, or Water-types.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers can feed Persim Berries to their main Pokemon to counter the annoying effects of Confuse Ray. After beating the gym leader Iono, you will be provided with TM48 (Volt Switch), which is a physical Electric-type move that allows you to swap your Pokemon after hitting the enemy. If this is the third gym badge you earned, you’ll now be capable of controlling and catching Pokemon up to level 35 in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.