Best items for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Blastoise as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokemon, is the latest addition to Pokemon Unite, the free-to-play MOBA in the Pokemon Franchise.

Many veterans of the series may recognize Blastoise as the final evolution of the Water type starter of the Kanto region, Squirtle. Many players were excited to learn about Blastoise's inclusion in Pokemon Unite after Charizard and Venusaur. The latter two fully evolved starters from the Kanto region were added to the game during its initial launch.

Pokemon Unite: Best items for Blastoise to use

Blastoise in official artwork for Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Blastoise in official artwork for Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)

For players looking to take their skills with Blastoise to the next level, it's crucial to be aware of which items to bring during battles in Pokemon Unite

The first thing to know about Blastoise for new players is Blastoise's role in the Pokemon Unite roster. Blastoise is quite reliable to use in any lane, but its role in the team is that of a defender or a tank, as they are more commonly referred to as in other games. Blastoise's damage type is "Special" which means it will not gain any sort of useful enhancements from standard or melee attacks.

Muscle Band

The first item players would want to consider running is the Muscle Band. This is an item that enhances the power of the holder's basic attacks. As most of the attacks used in a Unite Battle are basic attacks, this is a great item to have equipped. The Muscle Band lets the holder deal more damage to an opponent based on the amount of health the target has. This effect is a great one to have for instagating encounters with the enemy team as it ensures that the first hit from a basic attack will deal a large amount of damage relative to all the other attacks that will be dealt to a target for the duration of the encounter. Being able to start fights with the enemy team is an important role for a tank character not only in Pokemon Unite but in any game where tank roles are present.

Blastoise state (Image via Pokemon Unite)
Blastoise state (Image via Pokemon Unite)

Buddy Barrier

The next item in this build is the Buddy Barrier. This is a great item for running a lane with another player. The Buddy Barrier provides the holder, as well as the nearest ally with the lowest health, a shield equal to 20% of the character's maximum health. The effect of the Buddy Barrier is only activated whenever the holder uses their Unite Move. This can be a great support item to keep teammates in the fight when going against an enemy team for control over an objective like a goal or a strong wild Pokemon like Zapdos.

Wise Glasses

The last held item for this build is the Wise Glasses. They give the holder a slight enhancement to their Special Attack power. For Blastoise, Special Attacks are the moves that require a cooldown. Moves like Water Gun and Water Spout utilize the Special Attack stat. This is a great item for maximizing damage output, which is something players should always try to do in Pokemon Unite.

Eject Button

For a battle item, the best one to have is the Eject Button. This is a very useful utility item in Pokemon Unite that teleports the user a short distance in a desired direction. This is a great ability to have for split second evasions or to ensure a final hit on a weakened opponent.

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