Pokemon Unite Lapras guide: Best movesets, builds, held items, and more

Lapras is a Pokemon Unite License that fills the Defender role on a team.
Lapras is the latest arrival to Aeos Island in Pokemon Unite (Image via The Pokemon Company)

On April 13, 2023, Pokemon Unite introduced Lapras to its ever-expanding roster of playable Pocket Monsters. The Generation I creature takes on the role of Defender alongside other recent additions like Goodra.

There is a lot to love about Lapras in Pokemon Unite. It has great lane sustain, durability, and the ability to knock out opponents easily with the use of its Perish Song move.


Lapras also scales well with respect to damage and utility over the course of a Unite Battle, so players won't be caught flat-footed in the early to mid-game. When well-augmented with items and boost emblems, the Pocket Monster can be one of the best tanks in the current meta.

But what constitutes a good build for Lapras? It may not be as tricky as Pokemon Unite fans might think.

How to build Lapras in Pokemon Unite as of April 2023


If Pokemon Unite players want to emphasize Lapras' ability to score knockouts while still enhancing its durability, there's a specific build they should use.

With the right item and emblem configuration, Lapras can deal great damage with its moves. It will be able to take out enemies with Perish Song while still increasing its overall resistance to physical and special attack damage.

Here is the recommended Perish Song build for Lapras:

  • Moveset - Perish Song and Bubble Beam
  • Held Items - Choice Specs, Sp. Atk. Specs, and Focus Band
  • Battle Item - X Speed
  • Boost Emblems - Six green and four white emblems. Prioritize special attack boosts. Use attack and critical hit rate stats for negative point values.

With the build listed above, Lapras can both carry in Pokemon Unite battles and anchor a team with its durability. The special attack boosts afforded by the held items and boost emblems make Perish Song incredibly potent, knocking out opponents quickly.

Meanwhile, Bubble Beam provides extra durability for Lapras in the form of a shield when the attack makes contact. X Speed is incredibly helpful since Lapras doesn't have great mobility outside of its Unite Move.

This loadout strikes a magnificent balance between durability while still giving Lapras the ability to take out opponents effectively in Pokemon Unite.

Perish Song is a fantastic move to rack up eliminations early and often, leading to more scoring opportunities for Lapras and its team. However, if trainers want a little more damage and less survivability, then swapping Bubble Beam for Ice Beam is advised.

Lapras will no longer benefit from the shield that Bubble Beam offers. However, Ice Beam is a much better complementary move to Perish Song when it comes to damage.


Lapras may not always be the top creature in the current Defender meta, but it should be able to hold its own for quite some time thanks to the moves available to it.

Even if Lapras receives a few nerfs, the base attributes of its moveset should be problematic for opponents for a long time. As long as trainers are adaptive to changes that occur over the course of Unite's lifespan, Lapras should continue to be a top pick in team lineups.