5 rarest Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Rare Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rare Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the main attractions of Pokemon GO is that it makes the vision of "gotta catch 'em all' a reality. That being said, some creatures are still notoriously difficult to come by and capture. This is owing to various factors ranging from low spawn rates, limited spawn areas, high flee rates, and so on. Grass-type creatures, which are otherwise quite common in Pokemon GO, also have certain members which are rather rare.

These have appeared only once or twice in the entire lifespan of the game. While this applies mostly to Legendary Pokemon, there are non-legendaries afflicted with this fate as well.

This list looks at some of the rarest Grass-type Pocket Monsters that have appeared in Pokemon GO but are nowhere to be found since then.

Mow Rotom, Zarude, and three other rare Grass-types in Pokemon GO

1) Mow Rotom


Rotom is originally an Electric/Ghost-type creature that can exist in many different forms based on the appliance it possesses. One of its many forms is the Mow Rotom, which is basically the version that has possessed a Lawn Mower. This form is an Electric/Grass-type, making it eligible for the list.

Although regular Rotom has not been released in the game, its Mow Form appeared once during the Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Berlin on July 1, 2022. Since then, it was made available thrice through GO snapshot during the event's Seattle and Sapporo legs.

2) Zarude


Zarude is a monkey-shaped Dark/Grass-type Mythical Pokemon native to the Galar Region. The creature was released during the Secrets of the Jungle event in October 2021, where it appeared as a reward for completing the final part of the Special Research or Timed Research called Search for Zarude at a maximum of 1643 CP.

Zarude has impressive stats across the board, making it a good choice for PvP and PvE battles if you can time its entry strategically. However, Zarude hasn't been made available for Pokemon GO players to capture since its release back in 2021. Notably, Zarude's shiny form is also not yet available in Pokemon GO.

3) Shaymin (Land Form)


Shaymin is yet another Mythical Pokemon originating in the main series of games in Generation IV, which focuses on the Sinnoh region. It is the only pure Grass-type Pocket Monster on this list. It might look cute and fragile, but the tiny plant-based hedgehog packs quite a punch.

Shaymin's land form was only released on April 20, 2023, making it one of the last Sinnoh monsters to be added to the AR-based game. The Sky form has been available on multiple occasions, but the land form remains obscure. Interestingly enough, both Shaymin's regular and shiny forms were released simultaneously.

4) Virizion


Virizion is a Legendary Pokemon from the Unova Region. It is a Grass/Fighting-type monster that is part of the group of Legendary Pokemon called Swords of Justice along with Coballion, Terrakion, and Kaldeo.

The Pokemon was released in December 2019 in its regular form, and its shiny entered the game in 2020. Although it has returned to the game multiple times, it has an abysmally low catch rate of 2%, giving it a well-deserved spot on this list.

5) Kartana


Kartana is a special category of Pokemon altogether, known as an Ultra Beast. These were discovered in the Alola region of Generation VII and were exclusively found in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games.

Kartana is a Grass/Steel-type monster that can learn a variety of cut-based attacks in Pokemon GO, such as Leaf Blade, Night Slash, and X-Scissor. That, combined with its base 323 attack makes it a really strong creature in PvP battles.

Unfortunately, Kartana has only been made available once since its release in September 2022, and that too, exclusively in the Northern Hemisphere. Combined with its 2% capture rate and 10% flee rate, it is by far the rarest Grass-type Pokemon on this list.