Recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks shed light on Generation 6 starters, bugs, and more

Further information about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have come to light due to leakers (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Further information about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have come to light due to leakers (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have had quite a bit of information revealed of late as the game inches towards its November release date. However, this means rumors and leaks have also appeared, courtesy of Centro LEAKS. A well-known source for rumors about the Pokemon franchise, they’ve revealed quite a few interesting bits of information.

There is talk of the Generation 6 Starter Pokemon being somewhat available, terrible in-game bugs, and more.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks reveal in-game bugs, weak post-game, and more

According to Centro LEAKS, the Generation 6 starters will be available, though only through HOME-transfer.

It’s worth noting that the leaker who spoke to them only mentioned Delphox, but figured it would be strange to only feature one starter. It aligns with a tweet from September 4, 2022, which leaked that “not many, but not little” Pokemon will be available through HOME-transfer. The creatures referred to here aren’t in the in-game Pokedex.

The tweet also stated that most of the leaks regarding Pokemon‌ are in the Pokedex, and they knew little about the HOME exclusives. However, there are some negatives worth discussing for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Possible bugs and an underwhelming conclusion in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

According to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks, the current build of the game has many wall-clipping bugs, where people can get stuck and unable to progress. While it can be assumed that they are being worked upon, it is the leaker’s hope that these will be fixed before a retail build is ready.

Unfortunately, that seems unlikely. The source in question suggests saving often because they don't think these bugs will be fixed in time. If this is true, it will no doubt cause a great deal of frustration for the players.

They also pointed out that the post-game is quite disappointing. This point is backed up by another leaker, Zodiac Khuller, also known as Khu, who claimed that the post-game of Scarlet and Violet will disappoint players. There is no further explanation for this, only that it’s reportedly quite uneventful.

Another minor leak was revealed. According to Twitter, Ancient Salamence is going to be a Dragon/Dark type. Earlier leaks have discussed other Paradox Pokemon typings, but Centro LEAKS clarified that it was based on an old leaker's hints, and none of it was explicitly confirmed.

All of this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet information is on top of the most recent information dump that came in the latest Pokemon trailer. It showed off a few new Pokemon, teased multiple storylines, and another Terrastylized Pokemon form in Sudowoodo.

Nintendo also showed off the new enemies in Team Star, which is made up of delinquent students, instead of a group of crooks trying to take over the world.


It is important to consider that all of this information is contentious until Nintendo or The Pokemon Company/Game Freak makes a statement. Until then, all of this has to be taken with a grain of salt, other than the official trailer information concerning Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.