The best moveset for Bidoof in Pokemon GO

Bidoof in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Bidoof in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

The Bidoof Breakout event is in full swing in Pokemon GO, and players are now wondering what the best moveset is for this creature.

This Normal-type Pokemon is far from being immensely powerful in the mobile game, though it does get signficantly stronger once it evolves into Bibarel. Ultimately, its a great idea for trainers with an abundance of Bidoofs to know which ones have the best moveset.

Curious what the best movest is for Bidoof? Look no further than this article.

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What are the best attacks Bidoof can know in Pokemon GO?


There will certainly be no shortage of Bidoofs for players to catch during the ongoing Bidoof Breakout event. Now, it is more important than ever to know the Normal-type's best possible moveset in the game.

Trainers should be aware that Bidoof's only weakness is against Fighting-types, and that the creature has a built-in resistance to Ghost-types.

Bidoof's best Fast-Attack

As a first evolution Normal-type, the best Fast-Attack for Bidoof isn't going to be anything tremendously powerful or impressive. For Bidoof, the classic move Tackle will make for the most effective Fast-Attack.

Bidoof's best Charged-Attack

For its best moveset, Bidoof is going to take advantage of the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) with each of its attacks. Therefore, Tackle is best paired with another Normal-type attack, Hyper Fang.

The combination of Tackle and Hyper Fang is as good as Bidoof is going to get. Of course, once Bidoof is evolved into Bibarel, the creature becomes a dual Normal/Water-type and gains a larger movepool to pick from.

If a Pokemon GO player wishes for a Bidoof that knows the best possible moveset, they simply need to acquire one that is equipped with Tackle and Hyper Fang during the Bidoof Breakout event.

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