The best moveset for Drifloon in Pokemon GO

Drifloon can be found by Valley Windworks on Friday in Sinnoh (Image via Game Freak)
Drifloon can be found by Valley Windworks on Friday in Sinnoh (Image via Game Freak)
Shane Foley

Trainers may be looking for Flying-type Pokemon to round out their Jungle Little Cup team, and it turns out Drifloon might be a good candidate for this role.

The Jungle Little Cup, taking place in Season 9 of GO Battle League, will be allowing a very peculiar set of Pokemon. Evolution restrictions have been lifted, which means any evolutionary stage can enter so long as their CP is 500 or below.

The trade off is that only certain types of Pokemon are allowed, with Flying among them. Fortunately, Drifloon will have a Community Day soon, so trainers can pick this up quickly.

Which moves are the best for this Generation IV Pokemon?

Drifloon is one of the lucky recipients of Hex, which is among the best Ghost quick moves in Pokemon GO. With 10 DPS and 13.3 EPS, it vastly outclasses its other option: Astonish. Since all of Drifloon’s charge moves have low energy costs, charging over 10 energy per use makes for a great move.

Drifloon also gets access to Shadow Ball, one of the best Ghost-type charge moves. It only costs half of the energy bar, and 100 base power will damage any Pokemon that doesn’t resist it. Since Hex has such a high EPS, Drifloon can have a Shadow Ball ready to go in five seconds.

In terms of a secondary charge move, Ominous Wind may seem like an appealing option, but Icy Wind ends up being more consistent.

Ominous Wind does have a chance of raising Drifloon’s Attack and Defense by two stages each. If this happens in battle, Drifloon will certainly become a powerhouse that can steamroll opponents.

The issue is that this Attack and Defense buff only has a 10 percent chance of occurring. This just isn’t consistent enough to be a reliable strategy.

Icy Wind, on the other hand, has a 100 percent chance of lowering the opponent's Attack by a stage. This would allow Drifloon to fix one of its main weaknesses: Defense.

With 207 Stamina and a max HP of 175, Drifloon has the potential to be a strong tank. Unfortunately, though, its Defense is an abysmal 80. This won’t allow Drfiloon to soak up that much damage, but with the opponent’s Attack lowered, it can effectively grind out a win.

Any trainer that wants to bring Drifloon to the Jungle Little Cup should be using Icy Wind anyway to deal with Cotonnee and Altaria, two major threats.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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