Pokemon GO: Best moveset for Cottonee in the Jungle Little Cup

Cottonee evolves into Whimsicott with a Sun Stone (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Cottonee evolves into Whimsicott with a Sun Stone (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Shane Foley

Any Pokemon GO trainer looking to participate in the Jungle Little Cup should definitely consider using Cottonee.

Whether it’s in Little Cup, Element Cup, or this new event, Cottonee proves time and time again that it is a premier Pokemon in formats evolving non-fully evolved Pokemon. Cottonee was a Grass-type Pokemon that was introduced in Generation V. However, when Generation VI came around, it received a secondary Fairy typing that certainly buffed up its performance.

Optimal moveset for top tier Little Cup Pokemon

Without a doubt, every trainer using a Cottonee should be running Charm as a quick move. This is the primary reason why this Pokemon is such a huge threat.

Many trainers may have heard about Charm spam ad nauseum, but there’s clearly a reason why people talk about it so much. In PvP modes, Charm has a 16 base power. Despite its 1500 ms move duration, it still drops a ton of damage. Coming from a Fairy Pokemon, it drops even more damage from STAB.

One significant drawback of Charm is that it charges a low 4 EPS (base 11 energy). This is less of an issue for Cottonee, though, because all of its charge moves have a low energy cost.

The first charge move trainers will want to run on Cottonee is Seed Bomb. This is a typical low power/low energy cost move. That being said, 55 base power for one of these moves is still great value for the energy.

Seed Bomb should ideally be paired with Grass Knot. This move shares many stats with Energy Ball, but the main difference is that Grass Knot is quicker and, therefore, less likely to be dodged. With 90 base power, a Grass Knot will finish off many enemy Pokemon that have been weakened from the initial Charm spam.

Not many Pokemon are capable of running double Grass-type charge moves, but it works well in Cottonee’s case. The main strategy that trainers will use is to farm Seed Bomb and bait shields from the enemy. Once shields are done, they will be free to drop Grass Knot for major damage and most likely pick up that knockout.

Edited by Atul S
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