Cottonee Pokémon

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Introduced in the fifth generation of Pokemon, Cottonee is a dual Grass/Fairy type that for the moment, is more cute than adept in battle. While it may have some adorable features, there’s not a lot going on for this Pokemon when it comes down to its stats. Still, with the right moves and patience, Cottonee can evolve to become a valued member of your team.


About Cottonee

First appearance in animeIn the Pokémon the Series: Black and White episode: “Cottonee in Love!”
First appearance in gamePokemon Black and White
Region Unova
Evolution Cottonee → Whimsicott
Pokedex EntryWhen it finds others of its kind, they all stick together. When enough of them have collected, the mass resembles a cumulonimbus cloud. To protect itself, it shoots cotton from its body. When it gets wet in the rain, its cotton grows moist and heavy, and it can't move as well.

Cottonee Base stats

Sp. Attack37
Sp. Defense50


Cottonee Appearance

Cottonee doesn't seem to take any inspiration from animals found normally as instead, it seems to resemble plants or a ball of cotton. It has a small rounded body with a white center with green fluff and leaves on its side. Not only that, Cottonee has white, fluffy or puffy sections on both the top of its head and the underside of its body with orange, oval shaped eyes.


Cottonees are one of the lightest Pokemon in the universe, so much so in fact that a simple gust of wind is able to blow them away if they’re not careful. However, this is their preferred method of travel. But when it rains, the water soaks their bodies and thus they’re weighed down until they dry up again. Many Cottonee travel together in groups and when clustered together they can easily be mistaken for clouds due to their puffy appearance.

Aside from being used for self defense, the cotton that comes from Cottonee is valuable, used in conjunction with cotton from other Pokemon to make high quality cloth used by several luxury brands.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Getting the obvious out first, Cottonee isn’t the best Pokemon to have out in battle. While Speed is its highest stat, it lacks in almost every other area and thus, more often than not you’ll find this Pokemon knocked out in battle. Furthermore, as a dual Grass/Fairy type, Cottonee is resistant to Ground, Rock, Water, Fighting, Dark, and Dragon types moves. However, it is weak against Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison and Steel moves, taking quadruple the normal damage from Poison types.

Shiny Cottonee

Shiny Cottonee

Finding a Shiny Cottonee is tricky due to the odds as the numbers are not in your favor. But the main difference between a normal and Shiny Cottonee is obvious, as Shiny Cottonee’s wings are now orange and the fluffy/puffy sections also have an orange tinge. To get a Shiny Cottonee of your own, you’ll have to find one in the wild, hatch one from eggs, or you could always find someone willing to trade one. Like all shiny Pokemon, Shiny Cottonee gains a starry animation when it enters a battle.

Best moveset for Cottonee

Giga DrainHidden Power Fighting

This moveset emphasizes survivability and helping your other Pokemon in team battles. Alone Cottonee doesn’t stand too much of a chance, but in a team setting, it can focus on support. Giga Drain restores half of their HP, Hidden Power Fighting depends is for type coverage, Knockoff takes off any item held by an enemy Pokemon while Tailwind increases the speed of your allies.

How to catch Cottonee in Pokemon Go?

At the moment, the easiest way to catch Cottonee for yourself is to just walk around. Cottonee are fairly common to find around Pokestops. However, windy weather will give a higher chance for you to encounter a Cottonee. Once encountered, more often than not a simple Pokemon and a well placed throw are all that’s needed to ensure capture.

Should you want to evolve Cottonee, you’ll simply need fifty Cottonee candy, and a Sun Stone, which can be acquired at random whenever you spin a Pokestop,


  1. Cottonee evolves with the use of a sun stone
  2. Cottonee are one of the more lightweight Pokemon, being able to be blown away with a simple gust of wind.
  3. Cottonee is one of a few Pokemon that produce cotton for fabric production


Q. Is Cottonee a Legendary Pokemon?

No, Cottonee is not a Legendary Pokemon.

Q. What is Cottonee' weakness?

Pokemon with Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison and Steel type moves have the ability to easily knock Cottonee out of battle.

Q. What is Cottonee’ Hidden Ability?

Cottonee’ hidden ability is Chlorophyll, which makes their speed status double if the current weather condition of the battle is harsh sunlight.


While it may not find itself as the most proficient in battle, Cottonee still has a place in your Pokemon team. If nothing else but to level it up for evolution, Cottonee works surprisingly well as support in team battles. Just make sure your other Pokemon takes the brunt of the damage, as it’s easy to take Cottonee out of battle. Once evolved however, this Pokemon has more of a fighting chance.