The best moveset on Haunter in Pokemon GO

Morty had two Haunters in his Gym in the Johto region (Image via The Poklemon Company)
Morty had two Haunters in his Gym in the Johto region (Image via The Poklemon Company)
Shane Foley

While many Pokemon GO trainers know about the power of Gengar, it’s pre-evolution Haunter can be a surprising threat as well.

What may surprise trainers is that Haunter actually gets a 225 Attack stat that’s even higher than Swampert’s (208). Of course, as a glass cannon, Haunter can’t take too much damage. Having lower CP than Gengar, Haunter becomes a fairly nice attacker in the Great League.

Which moves work best on the Ghost-type Pokemon Haunter?

Haunter gets access to a very strong quick move in Lick. It may not look too powerful, but it lasts for only half a second. This brings its EPS and DPS up to 12, making it good for doing damage and charging energy.

The issue with this move is that it’s a legacy move, so trainers will have to consider whether it’s worth it to use the Elite TM on Haunter, especially when many trainers will want to evolve it into Gengar.

In this instance, though, Shadow Claw is a nice substitute. It may not have the energy generation that Lick does, but Shadow Claw does 15.4 DPS that rivals Charm in terms of damage output.

Things get interesting when deciding which charge move to pick for Haunter. It has several options that are good for different reasons. However, the move that should probably always be on its moveset is Shadow Punch. Since it only costs a third of the energy bar, it can be used to bait shields from Pokemon or to use in succession.

In most cases, the second charge move that Haunter should be running is Shadow Ball. Its 100 base power will allow Haunter to power through opposing Pokemon that don’t resist it. It also only costs half of the energy bar, making it arguably the best Ghost-type move in the game.

In the Great League meta, however, a trainer can be more successful by using Sludge Bomb instead of Shadow Ball. This is because of how strong opposing Fairy-types are. Pokemon like Azumarill and Alolan Ninetails are seen on many Great League teams due to how strong they are.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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