The best moveset for Malamar in Pokemon GO (September 2022)

Malamar's in-game model in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Since Inkay's Limited Research event in Pokemon GO will take place this Saturday, September 3, 2022, it's not a bad time to take a look at its evolution, Malamar.

The Dark/Psychic-type Pokemon has a unique typing, even if it doesn't have the best stats across the board.


Malamar evolves from Inkay in an odd way. To achieve this evolution, Pokemon GO trainers must feed their Inkay 50 candies while also turning their device upside-down. This likely has to do with previous iterations of the Pokemon franchise and Inkay's status as the Revolving Pokemon.

Regardless, once trainers have a Malamar available, they may be curious as to what moves are ideal for it.

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Malamar's viability in PvE combat doesn't compare to its Battle League prowess in Pokemon GO

Malamar is currently Inkay's only evolution (Image via Niantic)
Malamar is currently Inkay's only evolution (Image via Niantic)

While it doesn't really have the stats for PvE combat, Malamar can perform decently in Pokemon GO's Great and Ultra PvP Leagues. However, it will suffer significantly if it doesn't have an optimized moveset.

Fortunately, with the right moves at its disposal, Malamar can be an efficient and well-rounded contender even if it doesn't completely overwhelm the opposition.

For its Fast Move, Pokemon GO trainers will likely want to utilize Psycho Cut. This move possesses very fast energy generation and receives a Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) to damage.

Peck can also be somewhat useful against Bug-type Pokemon, which Malamar is doubly weak to. However, it can't measure up in either damage or energy gains. Considering Malamar can generate energy quickly with Psycho Cut, it can use its Charged Moves more often.

The Charged Moves for Malamar's optimal moveset are also fairly straightforward. Foul Play receives STAB as a Dark-type move, dealing decent damage and not requiring much energy.

Superpower is likely the best secondary Charged Move if trainers don't mind spending Stardust. It doesn't receive STAB, but it provides Malamar with Fighting-type elemental coverage that it normally wouldn't have access to. However, it's worth mentioning that Superpower debuffs its users, which makes it risky for some trainers.


Sadly, though Superpower has a risky debuff, Malamar doesn't exactly have great alternatives.

Psybeam costs too much energy and deals too little damage, even with STAB. Meanwhile, Hyper Beam does deal a huge amount of damage but takes so long to charge. This really makes Foul Play and Superpower the only long-term viable set of Charged Moves available to Malamar at the moment.

Malamar may benefit from additional or buffed moves as s Niantic tweaks and adds new moves to Pokemon GO. However, right now, the combination of Psycho Cut, Foul Play, and Superpower is its best bet when heading into the PvP arena. The moveset also works quite well in PvE, though this Pokemon's viability in raids can't quite compare to its Battle League prowess.

However, the final decision regarding Malamar's moveset should always reside with its trainer, and the moves should be optimized for their playstyle.

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