The best moveset for Mawile in Pokemon GO

Mawile is only one of several Steel/Fairy-types in Pokemon (Image via Pokemon GO)
Mawile is only one of several Steel/Fairy-types in Pokemon (Image via Pokemon GO)
Shane Foley

Mawile is a jack of all trades that can help counter tons of opponents in Pokemon GO.

This Steel-type Pokemon is native to the Hoenn region, but it received the Fairy typing in Generation VI. This created the best type combos any Pokemon could have, as it lost both of Fairy’s weaknesses with the Steel-type addition. Mawile is also a Tier 3 Raid boss in the month of October, so all trainers are going to get a good chance to catch this Pokemon.

Which are the best moves for this Generation III Pokemon?

Typically, Mawile wants to run either Fire Fang or Ice Fang as its quick move. Fire Fang deals more damage (13.3 DPS) while Ice Fang charges more energy (13.3 EPS). For PvP, the energy gain might be more valuable, so Ice Fang would be preferred in general.

In all likelihood, though, Mawile will want to run a move that checks specific Pokemon. With Ice Fang, for example, Mawile becomes a Dragon slayer. On the other hand, Fire Fang helps weaken annoying Steel-types and Grass-types.

Therefore, it really depends on what trainers want to do with Mawile. For Raids, it probably wants Ice Fang so that it can beat the strong Tier 5 Dragons (Giratina, Rayquaza, etc.).

For PvP, though, Fire Fang might be the better choice. Looking at the threats in the Great League (because Mawile would get destroyed in Ultra League), Fire Fang can beat Skarmory, Registeel, Abomasnow, and many other commonly seen Pokemon.

Of the two charge moves that Mawile can run, there is one that should be on every Mawile and one that can change depending on the situation. The constant move should be Power up Punch.

Not only can this move be used several times in the average match, but it also raises Mawile’s Attack stat. This move baits shields, buffs the user, and gets huge damage on Bastiodon and Galarian Stunfisk. It’s simply one of Mawile’s best tools.

The other slot should either go to Iron Head or Play Rough. The latter would do better in a situation where Dragons really need to be countered. Despite Iron Head’s low stats, though, Mawile can check Fairy-types with it.

That being said, specifically for the Great League, Play Rough is the better choice. Being able to knock out Medicham, Altaria, Sableye, and Scrafty is more useful than any coverage Iron Head can provide.

Edited by R. Elahi
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