5 things you may not know about Pokemon Sleep

Interesting facts about Pokemon Sleep (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Interesting facts about Pokemon Sleep (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Niantic started shipping out Pokemon Sleep to Android and iOS users in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and countries in South America on July 17, 2023. The game is designed to track your sleep patterns and reward you for maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. The ultimate goal of the title is to help you systematize your sleep schedule in a fun way.

As with all new titles, there is a lot to uncover about the brand-new Pokemon Sleep game. Some aspects of the latest offering from the Pokemon franchise may be obvious from the marketing information, but there are also some obscure facts that fans will be interested to learn about.

5 interesting, less-known facts about Pokemon Sleep

1) Pokemon Sleep brings entertainment to sleep


Sleeping is the only time of the day when people stay disconnected from the virtual world by not directly engaging in consuming or creating content on the internet. For these reasons, it may be perceived as an unproductive time.

A lot of people tend to compromise on sleep to make the most out of their days. The latest offering from The Pokemon Company aims to make sure you are doing something even while you are sleeping. As you play the game, you'll receive rewards in the form of cute Pocket Monsters sleeping in different positions, making the prospect of sleeping more exciting.

2) Pokemon Sleep quiz to determine your sleep type


There is a quiz on the official website of the game that asks you several questions to determine what kind of sleeper you are. In the end, you are assigned a Pokemon based on your sleeping habits.

The quiz asks you questions such as whether you sleep continuously when your bedtime is on weekdays and on off days, when you feel most mindful and awake, and so on. Based on these, you will get a result describing your categorization in the game.

3) Get shiny Pokemon while you take a snooze in Pokemon Sleep


It is possible to find shiny variants of Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Sleep. However, the rates seem to be quite low, as is common with shiny critters across the franchise.

Like in other games based on the franchise, shinies are absolutely randomized, and there is nothing you can do to boost their rates in this title.

If you are lucky enough to encounter one in the game, then you should definitely not let it go. To increase your chances of catching the creature, ensure you have enough Pokeball Biscuits and Pokeballs.

4) Pikachu was originally the mascot of Pokemon Sleep


As with most derivatives of the Pokemon IP, Sleep was also initially expected to have Pikachu as its mascot. This is a fail-proof idea since everyone is familiar with the adorable, electricity-shooting, yellow rodent.

However, the developer realized there was a better critter to represent a game based on sleeping. That creature is none other than Snorlax, which is literally called the 'Sleeping Pokemon.' Those who are familiar with the anime's representations of Ash's Snorlax will remember how difficult it is to rouse it for battles.

5) You can connect Pokemon Sleep with Pokemon HOME


The latest title can be connected with Pokemon GO, meaning you can transfer creatures you get by sleeping into Niantic's AR-based Pokemon game. However, the exact mechanics have not been revealed yet.

Since creatures from Sleep can be transferred into Pokemon GO and the same can be transferred into HOME, this opens up channels between Sleep and HOME. There may also be direct transfer mechanics announced as time passes.

Despite all these exciting possibilities with the new title, there are some risks worth considering before you commit to playing it. Check out our article on potential dangers that come with playing the game in the way it's meant to be played.