What is the best team for Psychic Cup: Great League Edition in Pokemon GO? (March 2023) 

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Pokemon GO's Psychic Cup: Great League Edition begins on March 15, 2023 (Image via Niantic)

Pokemon GO's Psychic Cup: Great League Edition has begun. It will run from March 15, 2023, to March 22, 2023, at 4:00 pm local time. The cup utilizes the same rules that trainers can expect from Great League but only allows Psychic-type species to participate.

This set of elemental limitations makes picking the right Pokemon for a player's battle team incredibly important. Since dual-type Pocket Monsters who are partially Psychic-type qualify for the Psychic Cup, trainers have to take some pretty interesting type matchups into account.


Nonetheless, with the right party on their side, players can still go far in the Psychic Cup: Great League Edition.

There may not be a perfect team in Pokemon GO PvP, but the right one should help trainers rank up quickly in this format.

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Recommended team for Pokemon GO's Psychic Cup: Great League Edition

Malamar's Dark/Psychic typing makes it an interesting counter to many picks in the Psychic Cup (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Malamar's Dark/Psychic typing makes it an interesting counter to many picks in the Psychic Cup (Image via The Pokemon Company)

When constructing a team for PvP in Pokemon GO, it's best to do so with a lead Pokemon, a switch to help it in bad matchups, and a closer creature to finish fights and outlast opponents.

Fortunately, many Pokemon fit multiple roles. However, certain creatures will do better in some roles than others. Whatever the case may be, the fact that all participants in this cup must be at least partially Psychic-type changes the dynamic of team building somewhat.

Here is the recommended team for Pokemon GO's Psychic Cup: Great League Edition:

  • Lead - Alolan Raichu (Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Thunder Punch)
  • Switch - Galarian Rapidash (Fairy Wind, Megahorn, Body Slam)
  • Closer - Malamar (Psycho Cut, Foul Play, Superpower)

With this Pokemon GO battle party, there's a good mix of different dual elemental type Pokemon with solid movesets to counter opponents.

Beginning with Alolan Raichu as a lead may seem odd, but it works for a few reasons. One of the most notable reasons is that it is one of the few Electric/Psychic Pokemon in the game that can counter picks like Bruxish, Slowking, Slowbro, and even Shadow Lugia.

Alolan Raichu's moves come out quickly, and it deals good damage. However, trainers will need to be careful in case an opponent counters with Claydol.

If Alolan Raichu ends up in a poor matchup, trainers can bring out Galarian Rapidash. Thanks to being part Fairy-type, Galarian Rapidash can counter Dark-type foes that would ordinarily do quite well against standard Psychic-type picks.

Galarian Rapidash can utilize a nuke Charged Move in the form of Megahorn, and Body Slam deals neutral damage to most foes. Add a spammy move like Fairy Wind and some great shield pressure, and Galarian Rapidash makes for an excellent switch.


The biggest downside to Galarian Rapidash is its lack of durability, which is where Pokemon GO players can depend on Malamar.

When an opponent is down to their last fighter or out of shields, Malamar can close the battle with its respectable stamina stat. Its partial Dark typing protects it from standard Psychic-type foes. It also allows it to counter several Psychic-type creatures in the format and deal super effective damage to them by using the move Foul Play.

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