What are the perfect IV stats for TCG Hat Pikachu in Pokemon GO?

Official artwork for Pokemon GO's TCG Collaboration Event (Image via Niantic)
Official artwork for Pokemon GO's TCG Collaboration Event (Image via Niantic)
Lukus Herblet

With news of an upcoming Pokemon GO-themed expansion for the Pokemon card game, Niantic's mobile game has launched a collaboration event to celebrate the occasion. This event has given players an opportunity to get their hands on some exclusive cosmetics, Mega Raids for the Kanto Starter Pokemon, as well as Mewtwo.

In standard event fashion, the TCG collaboration comes with a rare costume never before seen in the game for the series mascot, Pikachu. Niantic has always given players a new costume for Pikachu to collect as a souvenir during certain events in the past. While they have occasionally done this for other Pokemon as well, Pikachu has always been a staple.

With this in mind, players have begun to wonder how well this new variant of Pikachu would perform in Pokemon GO's competitive Battle League. While it is typically recommended to never have a Pikachu near the Battle League, it could lead to some interesting situations as well.

Analyzing TCG Hat Pikachu's competitive potential in Pokemon GO

Pikachu as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Pikachu as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Players dedicated to using their Pikachu in Pokemon GO will definitely benefit from knowing its stats, typing, and some possible movesets. Pikachu is a pure Electric-type Pokemon which means that it only has a weakness to Ground-type attacks.

Although it only takes super-effective damage from one type, Pikachu is lacking in bulk. Its base Defense of 96 and Stamina of 111 put it in a disadvantageous spot even among other unevolved Pokemon. In terms of these defensive stats, Pikachu is beaten out even by Shroomish. Pikachu's Attack of 112 also fails to hit the mark in battle.

With maximum IVs, that's 15 in each of the three stats, Pikachu ends up just shy of the 1,000 Combat Power mark. With maxed-out IVs, Pikachu only reaches a Combat Power of 938. This leaves it entirely unviable for the Great League, though it may have some use in a limited-time special cup.


Trainers who can look past the low stats will want to know the optimal movesets that can help secure wins. Pikachu has its move list swarmed by Electric-type attacks. This is common with every Electric-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO and is necessary to balance out the type competitively.

However, players lucky enough with their Elite Charged TMs may be able to teach their Pikachu the powerful Water-type charged attack, Surf. For a fast attack, Thunder Shock is the best choice.

While Pikachu may not be a top performer in Pokemon GO's Battle League, this has not stopped a dedicated few from going against the grain. Using non-viable Pokemon in a competitive game mode such as the Battle League can lead to some hype moments for the player as well as humiliating defeats for their opponent.

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