What are Poffins used for in Pokemon GO?

Gaining candy for Squirtle can help it quickly become Blastoise (Image via Niantic)
Gaining candy for Squirtle can help it quickly become Blastoise (Image via Niantic)

Any trainers looking to grind up buddy Pokemon in Pokemon GO will want to load up on poffins.

Since the buddy mechanic was introduced, trainers have been doing loads of walking to grind candy for their favorite Pokemon. This can be very time consuming, though.

One of the best ways to save some leg pain is to raise the happiness of the buddy Pokemon, and that’s where poffins come into play.

Special can be used to help raise Buddy Pokemon


Specifically, poffins are items that raise the mood of the buddy Pokemon to excited. These items are worth 100 coins at the shop.

While raising a Pokemon’s mood might not seem too valuable, there are several benefits to this item. First of all, it keeps the Pokemon’s hunger meter at full for a longer time.

Secondly, consuming this item will double the amount of hearts that a player can earn per day. This will make grinding towards best buddies with a given Pokemon a lot less time consuming.

The final (and perhaps most valuable) buff that poffins can offer is that they cut the distance needed to earn candy in half. This is a great way to maximize candy and getting Pokemon to evolve much quicker.

The buddy system may be a tad bit vague, but collecting hearts does have its benefits. There are four statuses a trainer’s buddy can have: good buddies, great buddies, ultra buddies and best buddies. The perks that come with each level are as follows:

  • Good Buddy - Pokemon will walk with trainer
  • Great Buddy - Pokemon will pick up occasional items
  • Ultra Buddy - Pokemon will present trainer with souvenirs
  • Best Buddy - Pokemon will get a boost in CP

Getting a Pokemon to best buddies for the CP boost is certainly well worth the effort. Any trainer who is grinding up a specific Pokemon to be better at PvP, work better in raids, or just improve its overall performance is going to want this CP bump.

As with most items in Pokemon GO, timing is everything. If any trainer is going to use a poffin, they must use it on days where they plan to use the buddy Pokemon quite a lot. Using a poffin and then not playing the game is a waste of 100 coins.

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