What are Unova Stones in Pokemon GO?

A Unova Stone (Image via Niantic)
A Unova Stone (Image via Niantic)

New Pokemon GO players, or older players that don't care about filling out their collection, may not know what a Unova stone is, what it's used for, or even how to get one.

That's why this article exists - to inform players on the existence and use of the Unova Stone. Its usefulness may be extraordinarily slim, but it's still knowledge worth knowing for any player planning on completing their collection.

What is a Unova Stone in Pokemon GO?

A Unova Stone and applicable Pokemon (Image via Niantic)
A Unova Stone and applicable Pokemon (Image via Niantic)

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The Unova Stone is an evolution item in Pokemon GO that can evolve certain Pokemon from Generation V in the mainline games. It ends up taking the place of most ordinary stone-based evolutions since things like Thunder Stones, Shiny Stones, and Dusk Stones don't exist.

Players mostly use Sinnoh Stones for new evolutions to old Pokemon added in Generation IV. But Unova Stones exclusively evolve Pokemon which typically require evolution items that don't exist in Pokemon GO. These Pokemon and their evolutions are:

  • Pansage, evolves into Simisage
  • Panpour, evolves into Simipour
  • Pansear, evolves into Simisear
  • Minccino, evolves into Cinccino
  • Lampent, evolves into Chandelure
  • Munna, evolves into Musharna
  • Eelektrik, evolves into Eelektross

Out of all of these, Chadelure is the one players may want to prioritize as it's the most useful to use. However, any one of these Pokemon is still worth the Unova Stone since it's not like the stones can be used for anything else.

Players can get Unova Stones the same way they can get any other evolutionary item; by playing Pokemon GO every day.

By completing at least one daily research task every day for a week, players will fill out their weekly stamp card and earn a reward. This reward is guaranteed to have an evolutionary item in it.

The evolutionary item may very well be a Unova Stone if the player is lucky enough. But currently, this is the only way to receive Unova Stones.

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