Where can trainers find Thundurus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Thundurus' Incarnate form, as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Thundurus' Incarnate form, as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the most recent entry in the Pokemon franchise, and fans have quickly taken a liking to it. Many long-time fans have called Legends one of the best games in the franchise in a long time due to the game being such a breath of fresh air. This is due to the new take on gameplay.

Rather than requiring the player to sit through a barrage of animations between encounters with wild Pokemon, the player can catch Pokemon in the overworld. Rather than making the player run back and forth in a patch of grass to find a specific Pokemon, the player can hunt down and catch them in the overworld.

With the unique concept of taking place in the past state of an already-established region, the game's story can take some interesting turns. This is further emphasized by some Pokemon that appear in the Hisui region. The Hisui region in these games is the Sinnoh region in ancient times.

Obtaining Thundurus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Thundurus Therian, as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Thundurus Therian, as it appears in the anime (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Some of the more exciting choices made regarding returning Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the return of Unova's weather trio: Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus, with the new addition of Enamorus. Enamorus is the only Legendary Pokemon to be introduced to a group after the group's debut.

The original members of the group debuted in Pokemon Black and White. Thundurus can only be encountered by players who play through Pokemon White. Alternate forms known as Therian forms were later introduced in Pokemon Black and White 2 through the Dream Radar 3DS application.

However, the story of Pokemon Legends: Arceus has nothing to do with this group of Legendary Pokemon. For players who only played through the main story, finding these Pokemon may be difficult. Given that these Pokemon are needed to complete the Pokedex, some advice may be required for getting them.


The first thing the player needs to do is to complete the main story. After completing the main story, the player obtains this quest automatically upon interacting with Cogita in the Galactic building. She will request the player to show her the completed Pokedex entries for each of the Forces of Nature.

To find Thundurus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, users must travel to the Cobalt Coastlands and wait for a thunderstorm. Once these conditions have been met, the player can encounter Thundurus on the water just north of Sands Reach. Players should keep in mind that Thundurus is aggressive.

Once the player finds Thundurus, they are free to try and catch it. This can be done with or without battling it though it can be tricky to pull off without a battle. After gamers acquire Thundurus, they will be tasked with catching the remaining members of the group and completing tasks for their Pokedex pages.

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