Which is the best starting pick in Pokemon Unite for beginners?

Some Pokemon are easier to manage than the rest (Images via The Pokemon Company)
Some Pokemon are easier to manage than the rest (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Unite offers plenty of options to pick from as far as players are concerned. The game was released with 20 choices, and since then, the developers have actively added new options to keep the roster exciting and diverse.

Having said that, the choices are limited when new users are just starting the game, and picking the correct one becomes all the more vital.

There are different roles when choosing a Pokemon in the game. No two gamers will have similar role preferences at the start, and it's usually advised to be proficient in at least two roles.

Some, like the speedster, are relatively more difficult, while the defender role is easier to master.


That said, a question that often confuses many Pokemon Unite players is the choice of a good starting character. Picking a Pokemon that is easy to handle makes their life easy.

It also allows them to learn the game better without losing too many matches. Hence, getting the right pick is crucial, and thankfully, there is more than one pick that users can choose.

Pokemon Unite offers several Pokemon for free when someone starts it

Thanks to the developers' roadmap, gamers won't need to spend Aeos coins to buy new creatures. The title will hand them several choices by completing some fundamental objectives and playing it for a few days.


The recent anniversary login event also rewards players with five Unite licenses at no additional cost. At the time of writing, the Mew mural challenge is also going, which allows anyone to unlock the first Legendary Pokemon for free.

However, Mew might not be a great choice to go with initially, but there are some practical alternatives.

Attacker is a role that many users highly prefer. However, every attacker has certain advantages and disadvantages.

While attackers can do significant damage, they tend to be squishy and can be killed easily if gamers don't know what they're doing. One attacker that stands out in Pokemon Unite is Pikachu.

One of the earliest Pokemon players can obtain, Pikachu has incredible potential, AOE damage, and mobility. It doesn't evolve, so the scaling up of power is pretty even throughout the game.

It's very efficient in the early game as its move 2 allows readers to trap enemy monsters.


Pikachu's ultimate is highly potent in team fights as it damages all opponents with massive amounts of AOE damage. Moreover, the ring of lightning damage moves with users, which adds mobility to the move.

Overall, it's an excellent pick for someone who wants to master the attacker role in Pokemon Unite.

Defender is one role that gamers usually don't like to pick but has more importance than others. Without a good defender, a team lacks the presence of a tank that can absorb vast amounts of damage.

This puts the team's attackers at risk and can cause someone to lose the match.

There are fewer options for pure defenders in the game, but Snorlax is an excellent choice. The Pokemon is available for free and is handed out very early in-game.

The recent anniversary login event also provides players with Snorlax and a holowear to customize its looks.


What makes Snorlax very effective is its easy controls. Most of its moves are simple to follow, but that doesn't mean they lack potential. This Pokemon has excellent crowd control and becomes the ultimate support tank for attackers.

Snorlax's ultimate in Pokemon Unite not only has crowd control, but it has massive amounts of healing. When played correctly, it can completely change the tide of a team battle.

While Mamoswine is another good alternative, Snorlax has a lot lower skill ceiling for someone to master.

These two Pokemon are pretty effective and easy to obtain, and individuals can invest their time in them for the long run. Of course, the situation is constantly changing as The Pokemon Company keeps adding newer monsters to Pokemon Unite.

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