Why are Pokemon GO Community Days getting shorter?

The official logo for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
The official logo for Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Community Day events are some of the most hyped up events in Pokemon GO. Community Days give the spotlight to a different Pokemon every time as well as giving the spotlighted Pokemon a special move if they fully evolve during the event. The Pokemon even gains an increased chance of being found in its Shiny variant.

To make Community Days even better, they always happen once a month. This makes the event consistent and allows players to look forward to it whenever a new month starts. Starting April 2020, the duration of Community Day events were doubled in Pokemon GO as well as extending Incense times due to COVID-19.

Many fans are disappointed that the standard time for Community Day events will be returning for the month of April and for the foreseeable future. Though the reversion is due to many places considering the pandemic to be over, many players are upset that the unarguably better Community Day changes will be removed.

Possible explanations for Pokemon GO's Community Day changes

Pokemon GO has a little something for every audience of players whether it be battles, Raids, or filling the Pokedex (Image via Niantic)
Pokemon GO has a little something for every audience of players whether it be battles, Raids, or filling the Pokedex (Image via Niantic)

Many players are calling out Niantic for reverting the changes they made to make the game safer for players during the pandemic. With COVID still a threat, many players still participate at home using Incenses. The unfortunate truth is that Niantic has taken back these changes without considering its playerbase.

Looking at it from Niantic's point of view, it's simply reverting a temporary change the company made with the intention that it would not last forever. Unfortunately, this was a change many players grew accustomed to and everyone agreed that these changes made Community Day events even better for everyone.

Players everywhere collectively agree that Niantic should have just kept these changes in place. Whether or not the pandemic is a threat everywhere else, these were changes that made the Community Day events more enjoyable and less of a stressful grind for everyone due to the time extension.


While unfortunate, it can be inferred that Niantic only reverted these changes to spark impulse purchases of Community Day research tickets. These tickets can be purchased from the store for around $1 USD each and give players all of the content for the Community Day event complete with bonus research tasks.

The shortened time for Pokemon GO's Community Day events will spark players to want to buy a ticket out of the fear of missing out. While this argument could be shot down by saying that any time limit on an event sparks the same reaction, the fact that players will spend money on pokeballs to speed through tasks cannot.

To summarize, the sudden reduction in Pokemon GO's Community Day time limit is not done for the player's benefit. It seems like it was done to encourage players to spend more time and money on the game and make more impulse purchases. The shortened time limit will revert Community Days back into boring task grinds.

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