From BTS to BLACKPINK: 6 K-pop idols we wish to see perform at 2023 Lollapalooza India

BTS and BLACKPINK members pose for the concept photo (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)
BTS and BLACKPINK members pose for the concept photo (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC and YG Entertainment)

America’s famed multi-genre music festival Lollapalooza is hosting its debut edition in Mumbai on January 28 and 29, 2023.

For the unversed, Lollapalooza is a four-day music festival that takes place annually at Grant Park in Chicago, and India is only the eighth country to host the world-renowned festival after the United States, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France and Sweden.

The line-up for the music festival is said to feature a mix of Indian and international artists, and fans can expect the complete lineup of artists to be announced by the end of August.

Indian K-pop fans might have heard of this festival thanks to BTS’ j-hope and TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

BTS’ ace dancer and rapper j-hope will be the official headliner of Lollapalooza 2022 on July 31, making him the first Korean artist to headline the main stage of a major U.S. music festival.

Not only that, BTS’ labelmates TOMORROW X TOGETHER will be making their U.S. festival debut at the Lollapalooza festival on July 30.

BTS member j-hope and TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s performances will be live-streamed on the Weverse App/PC and Weverse TV App for International fans and on Hulu for American fans.

While we would want the entire galaxy of K-pop idols to come down to Mumbai to perform at Lollapalooza 2023, it is not exactly possible.

Nonetheless, we drew our wishlist of 6 K-pop idols (both groups and soloists) we hope to see perform in Mumbai next year.

6 K-pop idols we want to see at Lollapalooza India feat BTS, BLACKPINK and more

Stray Kids and Dreamcatcher members pose for a concept photo (Image via JYP Entertainment and The Dreamcatcher Company)
Stray Kids and Dreamcatcher members pose for a concept photo (Image via JYP Entertainment and The Dreamcatcher Company)

As soon as it was announced that Lollapalooza will be coming to Mumbai, India, next year, K-pop fans banded together demanding to see their favorite artists make their Indian concert debut next year.

Entertainment and ticketing platform Book My Show (BMS) noted that it will spearhead Lollapalooza India as the promoter and co-producer for the festival’s Indian edition along with global producers, Perry Farrell, WME and C3 Presents.

In fact, Book My Show has been making cryptic hints about getting K-pop juggernauts BTS to India referencing their latest title track Yet to Come and j-hope’s second solo album Jack in the Box, making ARMYs wonder if Mumbai is on Bangtan’s world tour itinerary next year.

We have listed 6 of our favorite K-pop idols (group and solo) whom we would love to see in Mumbai next year for Lollapalooza 2023.

1) BTS

It would be a shame to have Lollapalooza India and not have the biggest musical act in the world, BTS perform here in Mumbai for their Indian ARMYs.

Bangtan members have previously mentioned that they had initially planned to tour India in 2020 but unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic ruined their plans.

At the time, Indian ARMYs were both shocked and saddened to learn that BTS had once considered coming to the country and couldn’t due to the pandemic.

Besides being the biggest musical act in the world, BTS members own every stage or screen they set their eyes on, and hence we can assure our readers that their Indian debut at 2023 Lollapalooza will not be short of anything top-tier and out-of-this-world.


It is only fair to demand K-pop’s reigning queens BLACKPINK come to India to perform at the 2023 edition of Lollapalooza in Mumbai.

Earlier this month, YG Entertainment revealed that the girl group is currently in the final stages of recording their new album and will mark their first comeback in two years with some brand-new music.

Not only that, BLACKPINK will be embarking upon the largest-scale world tour in K-pop girl group history until the end of the year along with their comeback.

Indian BLINKs are hoping that India will be a part of BLACKPINK’s upcoming grand world tour with Lollapalooza India being the perfect opportunity for the K-pop idols to meet their fans here.

3) Stray Kids

One of the best fourth-generation K-pop groups, Stray Kids is magnetic on stage. The DOMINO singers are some of the best talents we have in the world of K-pop right now and we would love to see them perform some of their “Thunderous” hits for Indian STAYs.

The talented eight-member group have mastered the art of making “noise music” stand out with their masterful beats, thumping choreography and effective lyrics.

Powerful stage performances doubled with unbridled charisma make Stray Kids’ members the perfect choice to perform in the Indian edition of the 2023 Lollapalooza.

4) GOT7’s Jackson

You didn’t think we forgot GOT7’s Jackson, did we?

While Indian Ahgases would love to have all the GOT7 members tour India, we would especially want Jackson to come to India as the multi-talented idol has expressed his interest in touring the country several times before.

Also, going by his recent performance in the exhibition match between Premier League giants Manchester United and Liverpool at the Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, we have no doubt that the K-pop idol will be an absolute force to reckon with on stage, and we are sure he will wow Indian ahgases at the 2023 Lollapalooza as well.

5) Dreamcatcher

Ever since the Indian debut of Lollapalooza was announced, Indian InSomnias have banded together in the hopes of getting the girl group to perform in Mumbai next year.

One of the most talented girl groups right now, Dreamcatcher, can rightfully be described as “the face of rock in K-pop”.

A delightful mix of exciting stage visuals coupled with distinct sounds of rock and metal and a very festival-friendly soundscape that can be rightfully described as the septet's own, makes Dreamcatcher our ideal candidate for Lollapalooza India next year.

6) EXO's Kai

Some K-pop idols are born performers and EXO’s smoother operator Kai has danced all the way to our hearts.

While we might have to wait a bit longer to see all the EXO members perform as a unit again, we can at least hope to see Kai make a smashing debut in the debut edition of the music festival in Mumbai next year.

EXO’s Kai is not only a terrific dancer and performer, but he also has a natural easiness on stage. He oozes confidence and charisma which remains unparalleled. Hence, we think Kai will be the perfect K-pop idol to debut in India next year.

Indian EXO-Ls, imagine him dancing to his popular tracks Mmmh and Peaches, and let the manifestation begin.

The inaugural edition of the American music festival will be open for a gathering of 60,000 people each day and will have more than 20 hours of live music by the biggest Indian and international artists.

Registrations for the event have begun and will be live until July 31. Tickets for pre-registered users will go live on August 1.

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