Top 15 iconic BLACKPINK looks that will go down in history

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via @chartsblackpink/ Twitter)
Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via @chartsblackpink/ Twitter)

BLACKPINK is a global K-pop girl group that has broken records in both music and fashion. The girl group has evolved with its catchy and melodic music. They've garnered millions of fans and landed their fashion projects with Saint Laurent to Gentle Monster brands.

Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie, and Rosé have a firm grasp of the classics. Each represents one of the best fashion brands. Jisoo prefers Dior, Lisa has Celine, Jennie supports Chanel, and Rosé chooses Saint Laurent, providing outfits that stay true to their personality. With each appearance, the group delivers fashion statement for BLINKS, their fandom.

The group has given many iconic looks to the K-pop industry in various events, award shows, and music videos. We've compiled a list of some of BLACKPINK's most memorable looks in terms of popularity and elegance.

15 Outstanding BLACKPINK looks

15) BLACKPINK's The Show look

BLACKPINK has even nailed the virtual concert with its unique look. The popular K-pop girl group held a livestream concert on their YouTube channel, wowing fans with breathtaking performances and spectacular attire that had all fashion lovers thrilled.

Jisoo chose a stunning white outfit while Jennie rocked a rosy red outfit. As ROSÉ rocked her silvery attire, rapper Lisa mastered her green feathery combination. Fans were overjoyed to see the group wearing such unique outfits.


At SBS INKIGAYO, the group's black and pink attire made them slay this look. Their distinct hairstyles were also well appreciated by fans. The group's overall SBS INKIGAYO look is still popular among BLINKs.

13) Gayo Daejun, 2016

BLACKPINK has established itself as a trendsetter over the years, and Gayo Daejun 2016 was one of those events where the group wowed the crowd with another spectacular black and white outfit.

12) 2018 MMA look

The 2018 MMA look is one of the group's epic looks. Jisoo gave royal vibes in her red top, and her alluring smile completed the look as always. Other members wore dazzling silver and black outfits that they nailed on stage.

Even if ROSÉ had issues that day, and that was also due to her outfit, the professionalism with which she handled the situation was astonishing to fans. There's no doubt that each member has mastered their appearance on the MMA stage.

11) Kill This Love

BLACKPINK's Kill This Love music video has gotten a lot of attention owing to its magnificent appearance. The terrific pop song highlights their outstanding choreography. Their outfits have also made an impact in the music video. Their attire complements the song's fight theme, and the group radiates a powerful aura. Their stunning look from the MV has captivated the fans.

10) Music Core look

In their DDU-DU DDU-DU performance on the Show Music Core, BLACKPINK wore a mix of denim and white. Fans were astounded by their appearance, as their performances and overall looks were impeccable.

9) The Album Era

Whether it was the group's performance on variety shows or the MVs themselves, The Album Era featured some of the most memorable appearances. The group dazzled in the sassy attire of How You Like That and thrilled fans through the colorful look from Ice Cream and checks on the shows. The Album Era had the best eyes of all time.

8) BLACKPINK Elle magazine look

The group has been raising the bar for their Elle magazine look over the years while appearing in black and white attire. One of the highlights was a fierce and chic look with vintage vibes. Fans also loved their unique hairstyles.

7) How You Like That

The How You Like That music video features a catchy song, excellent dancing abilities, and spectacular outfits. All of their outfits were the focus of the fandom. One of their best looks is when they wear all-white outfits.

Their Hanboks, on the other hand, drew a lot of attention. BLACKPINK elevated the traditional Hanbok by adding a trendy and modern flair. Their haircuts added to the group's bold and diva look in the music video.

6) 31st Golden Disc Awards

At the 31st Golden Disc Awards, Lisa rocked long boots with shorts and nailed off the look when paired with a scrunchy black set with leather bottoms. Jisoo stunned fans with a short black silver dress with flowers. On the other hand, Jennie wore a black dress with musical signs that gave the outfit a unique vibe.

One of the highlights was ROSÉ's elaborate dress, which she pulled off with numerous accessories. Each member of the group has offered a fresh style that is one of the most memorable looks of the group.

5) Seoul Music Awards 2017

In 2017, at the 26th High1 Seoul Music Awards. The group members wore a minidress with stars and princess vibes. Their cheerful expressions and feisty looks at the awards event left fans wanting more such looks from the band.

4) The iconic School Uniform look in As If It's Your Last

The group's single As If It's Your Last showcases the group's eternally memorable look, which BLINKS still adores. The school uniform look attracted fans, and it's no wonder some fans still want to replicate the As If It's Your Last famous school uniform look.

Moreover, the song's music video was the most-liked music video by a Korean girl group on YouTube and the most-viewed K-pop group music video in the first 24 hours of its release. That explains the girl group's charm and talent, which continues to break records.

3) Melon Music Awards 2016

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)
Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)

The group's vibrant MMA 2016 attire fascinated the audience. Their outfits are pretty diverse, and their color choices are esthetically pleasing. Their beautiful hairstyles complemented the look. The MMA 2016 audience was wowed by Lisa and Jisoo's royal look with Jennie's school uniform attire and ROSÉ's Diva outfit.

2) The monochromatic outfits at the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)
Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)

BLACKPINK looked incredible in the monochrome outfits worn during their live performance and shined as they accepted the award for June's Artist Of The Year at the 8th annual Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards.

1) The iconic Coachella 2019 BLACKPINK look

Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)
Global K-pop girl group BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)

The girls went on stage and performed their best performance in these mega-festival fashion outfits, making headlines as the first K-Pop Girl Group to perform at Coachella. Given that it was their debut performance at Coachella, the members made a fashion statement and enthralled the audience. This was the group's best look, and fans still adore it.

Global K-pop artists BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)
Global K-pop artists BLACKPINK (Image via Getty)

The members nailed the look because of their stunning attire and the way the group carried themselves confidently.

The group has demonstrated that they have the power to alter trends and become timeless classics. The group has captivated the audience with its fashion trends over the years. BLINKs are indeed anticipating their distinctive looks.

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