5 best Roblox games for football fans

Roblox games for football fans to check out (Image via Roblox)
Roblox games for football fans to check out (Image via Roblox)

Roblox is a popular sandbox game where players have access to a wide range of games. Each game on this platform is known for its originality and uniqueness.

Games in Roblox are developed by the players themselves, so there's fun to be had for everyone, and everyone can enjoy a game that piques their curiosity. In this article, we cover all the Roblox games that football lovers should check out.

Best Roblox games for football lovers to check out

5) Legendary Football: Practice


Az_iee created the multiplayer game called Roblox Legendary Football: Practice in 2016. To win, players must try and score the most points. It is not surprising that millions of gamers have fallen in love with this game over the years.

In Football Legendary: Practice, players can hone their catching abilities, quarterbacking abilities, and other football-related skills. Additionally, the game features a social space where players can hang out whenever they want to have fun or take a break from playing or training. Up to 15 players can connect to one server.

4) Kick-Off


CM Games created Roblox Kick-Off in 2015. Simply put, the game is a soccer simulation game with a unique twist—the whole game is played from a bird's eye perspective (from above). Moreover, up to eight members can connect on a single server, making the multiplayer a fan favorite.

3) Ro Evolution Soccer


Golangoal Roblox created Roblox Ro Evolution Soccer in 2012, popularly known as RES. The game is a sports multiplayer and has been described as follows by its official website:

RES is a fast, responsive soccer / football game that features a lot of rules just like real life: Offsides, Red cards, Advantages and more! The game features Replays and Gameplay aspects like Set Pieces, and lots of special/hidden skills like the ability to Sprint!

Players can also purchase celebrations and customize everything in the game, including set-piece poses. The official RESA League is open to players over the age of 13 and offers a more refined and professional gaming experience.

With an official league and servers that can support 10 players at once, Ro Evolution Soccer is highly recommended for every football fan.

2) Goalkeeper Training


D6tached created the multi-genre video game Roblox Goalkeeper Training in 2019. As the game's title implies, players must hone their goalkeeping skills and compete to become the best goalkeeper in the world.

Up to 10 players can connect to a single server, which has attracted a respectable number of visitors over the years. In addition, the in-game characters can be customized, and players can play online or with friends.

To learn more about the game and connect with other Goalkeeper Training players and developers, players can join the official MPs group. For gamers who enjoy goalkeeping and want to practice their skills online, this is the best game on the list.

1) Super Striker League


Roblox Super Striker League is one of the best games on the platform, which is why it deserves to be number one on this list. Super Striker League offers a multiplayer sports genre experience and was released by Cinder Studios in 2019.

The intensity of this game can rival most football simulation games. To defeat their opponents, players have to enter the field and use power-ups, special abilities, and many other things. In addition, users can also acquire new items (in-game) and upgrade them to gain an advantage over rivals.

A single server in Super Striker League can host up to 100 players, making it one of the most beloved Roblox games.

In the most recent update, the creators incorporated the following new features:

  • Item Lending - A brand-new mechanism that enables gamers to lend their equipment. After a predetermined period, the items lent will be automatically returned to the original owner's inventory.
  • Input Buffer - Enhancements that will help to smooth out the gaming controls.
  • Cancel pass/ shot binding – The ability to cancel a pass or shot charge at any moment has been added. "F" on the keyboard and "RB" on the gamepad serves are the default buttons.

Football fans reading this should check out these fantastic games right away and connect with other football fans.

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