Anime Crossover Defense: A Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to Anime Crossover Defense
Anime Crossover Defense (Image via Roblox)

Anime Crossover Defense is a Roblox title that features characters from the most popular anime titles. It utilizes the tried-and-tested Tower Defense gameplay loop and refines it to perfection, bringing a new twist to the old classic.

With tons of characters to unlock and utilize, this Roblox experience is a must-play for every anime enthusiast. That said, for newcomers, the myriad of gameplay elements and modes can be a little overwhelming at first.

To help you grasp the basics, we have created a comprehensive guide that can be the perfect starting point. This article should help you understand what the title entails, how to unlock new characters and perform well in every game mode.

An Overview of Anime Crossover Defense

Official cover for Anime Crossover Defense (Image via Roblox)
Official cover for Anime Crossover Defense (Image via Roblox)

Anime Crossover Defense is a traditional Tower Defense game through and through, with units to unlock, upgrade, and experiment with. It innovates upon the existing formula by mixing gacha elements into the fray, adding an alluring aspect that will have you repeatedly return to the game. Summon for new units, use them in battle, and upgrade them mid-fight for a commanding victory over the enemy.

Each map consists of several waves of enemies, who can be defeated by placing your units along their predetermined path. Earn coins by reducing the invading forces to dust and use them to upgrade your units. Enhance their damage, range, and passive buffs for experience points, Gems, Star Shards, and rare item drops.


Character rarities available through summons (Image via Roblox)
Character rarities available through summons (Image via Roblox)

Summoning is a core part of the game, where you can use the Gems earned through codes and game modes to unlock new units. Enter the corona marked Summon to view the list of featured characters and the odds of pulling them.

You have the option of consuming 1,000 Gems to perform a multiple-unit summon, yielding several units at once. Note that receiving duplicates of existing characters is possible, and these copies cannot be used alongside their older counterparts. However, they can be sold for resources or used as training fodder for your older unit.

Game Modes

Game modes can be selected from the lobby (Image via Roblox)
Game modes can be selected from the lobby (Image via Roblox)

This anime-inspired Roblox experience includes innovative game modes that find their roots in the quintessential Tower Defense games. From the modes that replicate the anime story experience to more gameplay-focused ones like Rifts, there is plenty for all players to partake in.

Here is a brief overview of what each game mode entails:

  • Story: Experience the game’s story mode, where you will encounter wave after wave of terrifying foes and their armies. Complete each stage for valuable one-time rewards.
  • Raids: Team up with fellow defenders to tackle a powerful raid-style boss encounter. Prevail against the fearsome enemy for rare rewards.
  • Rifts: Embark on a journey against the most formidable opponents that the game has to offer. Face your toughest battles yet by exploring the Challenge Rift or collect artifacts that boost your stats by clearing the Artifact Rift.

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Tips for Clearing Levels in Anime Crossover Defense

Tackling a boss-level enemy (Image via Roblox)
Tackling a boss-level enemy (Image via Roblox)

Summoning alone is not a sound enough strategy to secure a victory in Anime Crossover Defense. While defending your home base from enemy invaders, there are a few essential tips to remember to maximize your effectiveness. By doing so, not only will you maximize your resource collection capabilities, but you will also remain ferociously competitive in battle.

Let’s explore a few strategies that may streamline your tower-defending experience by an insurmountable degree:

  • Upgrade your units as soon as you receive the necessary coins. Performing more upgrades leads to a more decisive victory over the enemy.
  • Each unit can target particular enemies based on your commands. By clicking their in-game models, you may select which enemies to prioritize using the arrow buttons under their sprites.
  • Gems are best spent on the summons, which is ideal since obtaining Mythical characters is nigh impossible. Since they are the strongest units in the game, it’s no wonder that these characters have a drop rate of a measly 0.4%.
  • Traits are passive abilities that apply extraordinary buffs to your units, making them immensely powerful. You reserve the right to reroll them, but it is advisable to do so only for higher rarity units. The resources required for doing so are exceedingly rare, and there are a scant few ways of obtaining them without premium currency.
  • Access the Rift mode at the earliest opportunity. The mode offers resources and Artifacts, which hold the potential to simplify your overall experience with the game.

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What is Anime Crossover Defense about?

Anime Crossover Defense is a tower defense simulator that creates a unique and enthralling experience through its various game modes.

What is the highest rarity in Anime Crossover Defense?

The highest rarity in Anime Crossover Defense is Mythical, which currently has a 0.4% drop rate per summon performed.

How many units can I use during battle in Anime Crossover Defense?

The number of units permissible during battle is restricted to seven, making it important to choose your characters wisely.

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