Gacha Online: A Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about Gacha Online
Everything you need to know about Gacha Online (Image via Roblox)

Gacha Online is an RPG in the truest sense, where you can play the role of anyone and be anything in this world. Find and meet new people as your persona, go on self-made quests, and have a great time with your new friends. This game is named after the famous Japanese Gachapon machines, often found in arcade centers for players to enjoy. These machines randomly reward the player when they turn the wheel, making the noise gacha during the wheel turn and pon when the orb containing the prize drops into the receptacle.

This Roblox game is an RPG-ification of this concept, where what you find is mostly based on luck. If you’re looking to get started with this experience, read this guide and learn all about its core gameplay mechanics.

Getting started with Gacha Online

Official Gacha Online cover (Image via Roblox)
Official Gacha Online cover (Image via Roblox)

An overview of Gacha Online

At its core, Gacha Online is a communal experience that is at its best with other players in tow. Each player can access a suite of customization options for their avatar and personal homes. They can explore the map to their heart’s content, take pictures, and interact with friends.

Avatar Customization

  • Tons of customization options: Various customization options allow you to roleplay any character you like.
  • Everything can be altered to varying degrees: Your chosen hair, facial features, clothing, and accessories can be altered to match your vision. Use the sliders in the Customize menu to bring your vision to life.
  • Add character info: Give your newly-created character background information to ground them in this fantastical world. Add a description, and mention their interests, dislikes, and age to fully immerse yourself in this role-playing experience.
  • 2D characters for added artistic flair: The game includes a 2D character sprite, which always faces the camera no matter where you turn it. This artistic choice adds plenty of flair to the character customization, which is unique to this experience.
  • Spin the gacha for more customization options: A few options are available by default, while others require you to spin the gacha wheel. Each spin has a random chance of giving you access to new and exciting items.

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Roleplay Elements

The two gameplay modes (Image via Roblox)
The two gameplay modes (Image via Roblox)
  • Choose your preferred gameplay mode: The experience includes a Roleplay Mode and Home Designer Mode. Roleplay Mode is all about exploring the game world with friends, while the Home Designer Mode allows you to decorate your \house.
  • Choose emotes to show off your feelings: A range of emotes are unlocked by default, while others can be unlocked through gacha spins.
  • Specialized speech bubbles: Certain speech bubble styles can be used to diversify your range of expression.
  • Unlock more through the subscription: The experience includes an optional subscription, which can be purchased to unlock profile themes, speech bubbles, badges, and more.

Home Designer Mode

Home Designer customization options (Image via Roblox)
Home Designer customization options (Image via Roblox)
  • Customize a comfy home interior: Visit your home and customize it to your heart’s content. Add and remove various elements until it fits your vision.
  • Choose your preferred builder mode: The Home Builder mode comes in two flavors: roleplay-focused and build-focused. The former allows you to cooperate with friends to create a stylish interior, while the latter lets you display your creativity without interruptions.
  • A wealth of interior decoration elements: You can decorate your home with various interior design options that fit each room differently. Add furniture to your living room and bedroom, or change the lights in every area. There is no limit to how you can switch up a room’s style.

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What is Gacha Online about?

Gacha Online is a game about role-playing with friends, exploring the game world, and enjoying the builder mode with little to no limits placed on the player.

How do I sprint in Gacha Online?

You can sprint by double-tapping your front movement key, mapped to W on the keyboard by default.

How do I access the Home Designer Mode from the Social Mode in Gacha Online?

You can teleport to Home Designer Mode by accessing the portal next to the initial spawn point in Social Mode.

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