List of all the permanent sets in Roblox Royale High and their prices

Customize your characters beautifully in Roblox Royale High with gorgeous accessories (Image via Roblox)
Customize your characters beautifully in Roblox Royale High with gorgeous accessories (Image via Roblox)

With over seven billion visitors, Roblox Royale High is one of the most popular games on the platform. Callmehbob released the title in 2017, which can be played with up to 15 members on a single server.

The school-themed Roblox experience emphasizes attending classes to earn rewards and character customization. As a result, the game offers hundreds of accessories to its players, most of which are earned in return for Diamonds (in-game currency).

Some items in Roblox Royale High are permanent, while others are only available for a limited time. This article focuses on permanent items and sets so readers can learn about their costs and how to obtain them.

Accessories to customize characters in Roblox Royale High


Before moving to the permanent sets, let's know what it represents in Roblox Royale High. In Roblox Royale High, a set is a collection of bodices, accessories, skirts, and shoes that are meant to be worn as a whole ensemble.

Most of the sets in the title are designed for women's bodies. However, some are also available for men's bodies. Individual items in sets are sold separately, and some feature toggles that vary depending on which item is being used.

Here are all four permanent sets available in Roblox Royale High:

1) Dear Dollie (DD)


The Dear Dollie set was published in July 2019 as a permanent collection of accessories, shoes, and a skirt. The glove set was added in November of this year. It can be purchased from the shop at any time during the year for 120,000 Diamonds. Parts of Dear Dollie are:

  • Dear Dollie Ruffled Skirt: This skirt can be purchased from the shop for 25,000 Diamonds and is permanent in the game. The skirt is both tradable and adaptable.
  • Dear Dollie Ribbon Heels: These shoes can be purchased for 50,000 Diamonds from the shop. This is a permanent item in the game that can be traded and customized. These shoes come with dazzling ribbon stockings, allowing players to express their creativity and beautifully dress up their characters.
  • Dear Dollie Laced Back Bow: These are laced backs available all year in the shop for 5,000 Diamonds. This can be traded and customized, and players may use this gorgeous lace back to dress up their character and give them a charismatic look.
  • Dear Dollie Tea Party Bow: A tea party bow is a headband with laces in Roblox Royale High. It can be purchased from the shop at any time of the year for 8,000 Diamonds. The laced bow can be found in the accessories section and is both tradeable and customizable.
  • Dear Dollie Laced Bodice: This accessory was previously known as Dear Dollie Laced Corset. To be consistent with other torso-type accessories, the item was renamed. It is tradable and customizable and can be purchased from the shop for 20,000 Diamonds at any time. With charming frill sleeves and corset laces, this item will give the characters the appearance of a gorgeous doll.
  • Dear Dollie Gloves: These Gloves were released in November 2019 as part of the Dear Dollie collection. Throughout the year, the accessory can be purchased for 12,000 Diamonds from the shop. The gloves will give the characters an attractive doll-ling aesthetic. Like the other things in the collection, they are tradeable and customizable.

2) Enchanting Heirloom (EH)


The Enchanting Heirloom set includes two accessories as well as a skirt. Crystal fl0urite published the set in January 2020. Throughout the year, the set is available for 49,500 Diamonds in the shop. Parts of Enchanting Heirloom include:

  • Enchanting Heirloom Cage Skirt: This skirt comes in two lengths: long and short, and players can adjust the length as needed. However, this feature was not available until March 2020. It can be purchased for 23,000 Diamonds from the shop and can be personalized and traded at players' choice.
  • Enchanting Heirloom Froufrous Bodice: This accessory was upgraded with revisions in June 2020, and it is currently available from the shop for 20,000 Diamonds. The item can also be customized and traded.
  • Enchanting Heirloom Bouffant Sleeves: This accessory costs 6,500 Diamonds and can be purchased from the store. The item has an additional luxuriant fabric that puffs out when the wind blows through it, and it cinches below the elbow with lovely lace.

3) Fluttering Butterfly (FB)


In June 2020, the Fluttering Butterfly set was introduced, including accessories, shoes, and a skirt. The heels and sleeves were inserted a week before the bodice and skirt. Except for the sleeves, all elements of the set can be purchased from the shop in exchange for Diamonds.

On the other hand, sleeves can be obtained for free from the Beach House's chest. The entire set can be purchased in the shop for 71,000 Diamonds at any time of the year. Parts of Fluttering Butterfly include:

  • Fluttering Butterfly Bodice: This is an accessory available in the shop for 18,000 Diamonds. It can be traded and customized. The item was inspired by the world's most gorgeous and graceful Lepidoptera.
  • Fluttering Butterfly Skirt: This skirt is available in the shop for 15,000 Diamonds. It is both customizable and tradeable.
  • Fluttering Butterfly Heels: These shoes were released a week after the above-mentioned set items were published. These heels are available in the shop all year for 38,000 Diamonds. Every gamer will want to try these since they are so attractive. The object is also tradable and modifiable, allowing users to personalize it.
  • Fluttering Butterfly Sleeves: As mentioned earlier, these accessories may be found in a chest at the Beach House. The addition was later removed from the Beach House, but it reappeared in January 2022 for unknown reasons. The item is both tradable and customizable. It has two magical layers sewn delicately by butterflies, turning the character who wears it into a lovely butterfly.

4) Miss Lady Rose (MLR)


Miss Lady Rose set is a collection of two accessories and a skirt released in May 2019. The set can be obtained in exchange for 76,000 Diamonds from the shop all year long. Parts of Miss Lady Rose are:

  • Miss Lady Rose (Skirt): This is a full-length skirt available in the shop for 50,000 Diamonds. Users can use their creative minds to dress their characters in this gorgeous skirt, which they can also trade and personalize.
  • Miss Lady Rose Bow: This accessory can be purchased from the shop for 8,000 Diamonds. Wearing this tradable and customizable bow will give every skirt worn by the character a delicate and polished touch.
  • Miss Lady Bodice: This is another accessory that can be purchased from the shop for 18,000 Diamonds. It is also tradeable and customizable, just like the other permanent items in the set. This is the most gorgeous bodice in Roblox Royale High, and it's ideal for any princess or Southern Belle.

While playing Roblox Royale High, viewers can check out the range and description to obtain these lovely sets or their parts to dress their characters like beautiful princesses at any time of the year.

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