Codes for Roblox Multiverse Fighters Simulator (May 2022): Free boosts and chance

Roblox codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulators to redeem exciting prizes (Image via Roblox)
Roblox codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulators to redeem exciting prizes (Image via Roblox)

Providing games for every genre and every player is the main objective of Roblox. This is why it is loved by everyone and has become a trend recently. Roblox was created many years ago but has received the limelight during the pandemic years.

Roblox has many gamers who are fans of superheroes, although almost half of the world's population are fans of superheroes. Watching the famous Spiderman, Iron man, Captain America, and several other superheroes in movies can be a fantastic experience.

However, playing games that allow users to become heroes is a fantasy that every superhero fan would love to live out.

Surprisingly, Roblox has games for the superhero fandom as well. There are several titles where players can role-play their favorite superhero and save the world. One of these engaging games is the Multiverse Fighters Simulator.

Since the game was recently updated, the developers have dropped new codes to help the users get exciting rewards. This article will further discuss the freshly released, working, active and valid codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulator (May 2022), ways to redeem those codes, and some interesting facts about the game.

Roblox: Codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulator for free rewards

New active codes

As these codes do not last forever and may expire at any time, gamers are recommended to use them as soon as possible. The developers themselves provide these codes, so there is nothing wrong with trying them.

Players are advised to use the codes carefully as these are case-sensitive codes and must be entered correctly. If mistakenly entered with typos and errors, it may lead to the non-functioning of the code.

It would be easier for users to simply copy the desired code and paste it to avoid such instances.


Here are the working, valid, and active codes for the Multiverse Fighters Simulator (May 2022):

  • 10klikes – Redeem code for free rewards (NEW)
  • doctorkerocyte – Redeem code for +5 Luck Boost and 2x Shiny Chance
  • 5klikes – Redeem code for a x2 Damage Boost
  • sorry4shutdowns – Redeem code for a +5 Luck Boost

Note: If any of the codes mentioned above do not work, players are advised to close the game and reopen it. This could happen due to the un-updated server.

Trying the previously stated trick will lead users to be placed in the new server, which may have an updated game build where the codes will work.

Expired codes

Roblox codes do not last forever, and these can expire at any time. There is no fixed schedule for the expiring of these codes, but sooner or later, they do lapse. This is why gamers are always recommended to use them at their earliest.


Entering expired codes will not lead to any deletion of the games’ progress. Instead, it will simply not work.

Players are always welcome to glance at the expired codes to be aware of them and not waste their time trying out the expired ones, which will lead to nothing. However, currently, there are no expired codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulator.

How to redeem codes for Multiverse Fighters Simulator


Redeeming a code in the Multiverse Fighters Simulator is a simple task, and users have to follow a few steps:

Step 1: Open Roblox on a mobile, PC, or any other device

Step 2: Launch Multiverse Fighters Simulator

Step 3: Tap on the “Thumbs Up” icon on the left side of the screen. A text box will appear

Step 4: Enter the desired code from the list given above. Else, copy the selected code from the above-given list and paste it

Step 5: Hit the “Redeem” button to claim and enjoy the rewards!

About Multiverse Fighters Simulator

Multiverse Fighters Simulator was created by AspireWorks – Simulators in 2021. Since then, the game has reached new heights of fame and has a tremendous fan following, with millions of gamers visiting the game regularly.

The multiplayer fighting title can be played with up to ten players connected to a single server. They can tag along with their friends or make new friends online from worldwide.

The game involves users exploring the iconic locations the game has to provide across the multiverse and collecting unique and rare heroes from all sites. Gamers have to create the strongest heroes by upgrading and leveling them up.


Not only this, but gamers can join forces with their friends or other players and attempt the Challenger’s Arena. The game developers set specific targets for the users to complete and drop the codes.

Apart from codes, the developers have also fixed bugs, improved gameplay, added 12 New Heroes, created new worlds, created one cosmic rarity hero in Magic Crystal, and a few more things in the title’s recent update.

Readers are recommended to play this game as it will let them live out their dream to become their favorite superheroes and try these amazing codes provided by the developers just for them.

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