Pet Simulator 99 Update 13: Police HQ, Police Pets, and more 

Pet Simulator 99 Police Cat
Grind on Area 204 to eventually unlock the Police HQ (Image via Big Games/Sportskeeda)

The Pet Simulator 99 Update 13, also called the Police Update, is not only the successor to the Prison Update but also includes this title's latest map extension. This fresh patch introduces a mini-game called Bank Heist in Area 204 of the Prison World. Coupled with that, new pets, gameplay updates, and more have been added to the Pet Simulator universe as well. Additionally, a new mechanism called Key Surge debuted in the Police Update.

Keep reading to learn about all the new content in the Pet Simulator 99 Police Update.

Pet Simulator 99 Police Update

Here is the official description of Police HQ for this update:

"Are you ready? Files have revealed the Secret Police HQ! Show your dedication by donating Void Coins to gain access."

Here are the patch notes of Pet Simulator 99 Update 13:

  • Added void tickets to the drop table
  • Renamed Nature Dragon to Forest Wyvern
  • Fixed item drops stuck on edges in the world
  • Fixed auto hatch stopping on automatic relog
  • Fixed tech key icon showing while combining void key
  • Fixed boosts being small
  • Fixed supercomputer not having upgrade enchant machine
  • Fixed supercomputer forge machine not working
  • Fixed supercomputer exclusive daycare claiming
  • Fixed enchant essence and empower enchants crafting
  • Fixed void chest floating up
  • Fixed claiming hype gifts on trading plaza
  • Fixed mobile UI overlapping in instances
  • Fixed flags being lost if you placed too many
  • Fixed Treasure Hideout spelling

Police Pets

  • The newest members of the force!
  • Introducing Police Dog and Police Cat.
  • These can be found in the Police Egg.

Huge Pets

  • Huge Police Cat - Earned from the Police HQ Egg, Bank Heist Minigame, and Cops vs. Robbers Pack!
  • Huge Robber Cat - Found in the Cops vs. Robbers Pack!

Police Egg

  • Hidden within the secret operations area, find the new Police HQ Egg!
  • This egg has better hatch chances, new police pets, and a HUGE pet!
  • Good luck with hatching the Huge Police Cat!

Police Hoverboard

  • Zoom into action with the new Police Hoverboard!
  • Equipped with flashing lights and sirens!
  • Uphold justice with style and speed! Located in Cops & Robbers Pack!

Police Chest

  • Test your determination with the Giant Police Chest!
  • With the support of your fellow officers, you’ll emerge richer than ever!
  • It also drops prison keys! You may find the chest in the new secret area.

Prison Keys

  • More ways to get prison keys!
  • Chance to drop in the Police Chest and Bank Heist Minigame!

Key Surge

  • Break the big chest to fill up a progress bar!
  • Once the bar is filled, key drops are surged by 50% for 10 minutes.
  • Look out for the sign in the Police HQ to track your progress.

Key Combine

  • Have a lot of regular prison keys?
  • Convert your keys effortlessly with Prison Preston!
  • He may steal a few, but he’ll swap 10x regular keys for golden prison keys. (Note that these converted keys don’t count towards the clan battle or global event.)
  • Upgrade your keys now with Prison Preston in the Prison Courtyard!

Bank Heist Minigame

  • Get ready for the ultimate heist in the prison world!
  • Every 2 hours, criminals can rob the vault for rewards!
  • Chance for Huge Police Cat and prison keys!
  • Prepare yourself for puzzles and traps!

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Pet Simulator 99 Police Update (Exclusive)

Purchase Cops vs. Robbers Pack from the Exclusive Shop (Image via Roblox)
Purchase Cops vs. Robbers Pack from the Exclusive Shop (Image via Roblox)

Cops vs. Robbers Pack (50 Robux)

  • COPS VS. ROBBERS! New limited-time items!
  • Chance for the Huge Robber Cat only in this pack!
  • Plus, the Huge Police Cat and Police Hoverboard!

Stargazing Exclusive Pets

  • Brighter than a shooting star! The Stargazing Egg!
  • Featuring the brand new TITANIC Stargazing Bull!
  • 2 new HUGE pets - HUGE Stargazing Wolf and HUGE Stargazing Axolotl!
  • Limited-time! Don’t let these cosmic creatures slip away!

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FAQs on Pet Simulator 99 Police Update

How to unlock Police HQ in Pet Simulator 99?

You need to spend 100 Void Coin Bars to open the Police HQ.

What pets may appear in the Cops vs. Robbers Pack?

Titanic Rich Cat, Huge Police Cat, Huge Robber Cat, and Huge Rich Cat may appear in the new Pet Simulator 99 pack.

What is the Bank Heist about?

Bank Heist is a mini-game that can be accessed from Area 204 (the last zone before Police HQ).

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