Popular Roblox game Welcome to Bloxburg reportedly acquired by Embracer Group in $100 million deal

 Welcome to Bloxburg gets acquired by Embracer Group
The news of the game being sold is out (Image via Roblox)

Created on November 4, 2014 by Roblox game developer Coeptus, Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the top games on the popular platform with over 4 million likes and a total of 6.9 billion visits from players. For over seven years, the game's development team has remained the same, but that's about to change.

Through his Twitter handle, @EvanZirb, prominent Roblox developer, Evan, recently revealed that the game had been acquired by the Embracer Group (previously known as THQ Nordic AB) for an alleged 100 million USD. While this amount hasn't been officially confirmed yet, it seems accurate, considering that the game made $37M USD in 2021/2022.

Based in Karlstad, the Embracer Group is a Swedish video game and media holding company with twelve separate groups as its direct subsidiaries: Amplifier Game Invest, Asmodee, CDE Entertainment, Coffee Stain Holding, Dark Horse Media, DECA Games, Easybrain, Embracer Freemode, Gearbox Entertainment, Plaion, Saber Interactive, and THQ Nordic.

Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg has reportedly been sold to the Embracer Group

The game's trademark details (Image via tsdr.uspto.gov)
The game's trademark details (Image via tsdr.uspto.gov)

Shortly after, Evan shared more information about the game's trademark, which was registered by a company called “Coffee Stain.” The Sweden-based company was acquired by the Embracer Group back in November 2018. This was hinted at earlier this month by a Twitter user, @EmbracerInvest, an unofficial account that follows the Swedish company closely.

As of now, Coffee Stain claims to be a relatively small company and has no plans of growing too fast. Nevertheless, they have published a few well-known titles like Goat Simulator 3, Valheim, Midnight Ghost Hunt and a few other online games that can be played on multiple platforms. It looks like this purchase will be their introduction to the Roblox platform.

Why was the game sold?

Unfortunately, none of the parties involved have released any official statements regarding the matter. As of now, the reasons are unclear and it's anybody's guess as to what the future of the game will be. Despite this lack of information, one Twitter user has shared a possible reason for the sale.

The current development team is far too small for such a popular game. Coeptus (who prefers to keep his real name private) revealed that he was a university student in 2018 and that a larger company such as Coffee Stain is ideal for expanding the game further and bringing in more regular updates.

For now, Coeptus remains the creator of Welcome to Bloxburg as the credits on the game's home page haven't changed yet.

What is Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg?

Welcome to Bloxburg is an open-world simulation and lifestyle game, where players can experience life in a virtual world. It's fairly similar to the Adopt Me! and Brookhaven RP Roblox games, allowing players to hang out with their friends in a virtual city. Welcome to Bloxburg is unique in the fact that it offers a wide range of vehicles and various jobs for players to earn in-game money.

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