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This Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms guide will help you navigate the gigantic event maze, locate the best Huge Change Eggs, and earn millions of Backrooms currency. We've provided strategies and details on deciphering and escaping the password room, sly obstacle (obby) tricks, and more about Backrooms.

The ultimate prize is the two limited edition Huge Pets that require Goddess Fortuna herself to appear on the server.

Getting Started in Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms

Overview of the Backrooms in Pet Simulator 99

The Backrooms in Pet Simulator 99 is a challenging environment for players, with specific gameplay mechanics and rewards. Here’s what you need to know when you step into it:

Gameplay restrictions in Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms

  • No Boosts: All player boosts are paused, meaning any enhancements or speed-ups you typically rely on are inactive.
  • No Hoverboards: Exploration is limited to on-foot travel as hoverboards and similar mobility aids are disabled.
  • Limited Item Use: Buffs, flags, potions, and farming items cannot be used inside the maze, requiring players to rely solely on their navigation skills and strategic use of pets.
  • Selective Enchant Effectiveness: While many items are restricted, certain enchants remain active, offering some strategic advantages under specific conditions.

Map features

  • Randomly Generated Layout: Each entry into the Backrooms presents a new layout, filled with various challenges and treasures including:
  • Boss Chests: High-value Chests.
  • Easter Rooms: Special rooms containing unique or thematic items.
  • Traps and Obstacles: Various traps that players must avoid or overcome, including obby courses.
  • Locked Rooms: Areas that can be accessed only with Backrooms Keys, offering higher rewards and eggs. Go deep inside the maze to find more locked rooms with the finest rewards.
  • Cat Portraits: If you see a cat image etched on the ground, wait for it to open its mouth. Once it does, fall inside to find a Lucky Blox.

Pet Mechanics

  • Pet Limitation: Players can equip up to 10 pets in the Backrooms.
  • Special Pets from Event Eggs: Within the maze, players can find event eggs that hatch into exclusive Shiny, Rainbow, and Celestial pets, providing significant advantages.

Huge Chance Eggs

  • Rare Pet Opportunities: Players should seek to find and hatch at least 25 Huge Chance Eggs. These eggs can be hatched for rare pets such as the Plague Dragon, Creepy Wolf, Corrupt Octopus, and Corrupt Skeleton.
  • Maximizing Hatch Rates: To increase the likelihood of obtaining these coveted Huge Pets, players should aim to hatch as many eggs as possible during their time in the Backrooms. The more eggs you open, the better your chances.

Tips for Navigating the Backrooms

  • Prepare Strategically: Equip your most effective pets considering the restrictions. Focus on pets whose abilities complement each other well in an environment without boosts and additional items.
  • Map Awareness: Keep mental or physical notes on your path to avoid backtracking and ensure you cover new areas. Being systematic in your scavenging will save time and increase efficiency.
  • Key Collection: Prioritize collecting Backrooms Keys as they unlock special rooms with potentially valuable rewards.
  • Egg Focus: Concentrate on collecting and hatching eggs, especially the Huge Chance Eggs, to take full advantage of the pet rewards they offer.

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What to do once you enter the Backrooms in Pet Simulator 99?

You can collect a significant amount of Diamonds in this room (Image via Roblox)
You can collect a significant amount of Diamonds in this room (Image via Roblox)

When you enter the maze, you'll spawn before a small area next to a nil chance egg. Farm and hatch the egg to obtain Backroom Pets. These pets do more damage than regular ones inside Backrooms, so before you start exploring the maze, make sure you have a few of them on your side. This way, it will be easy to amass millions of event currency via Boss Chests and Lucky Bloxes.

Night Terror Cat and Ender Goat are two common Backroom pets that can be found in any normal Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms 5x and 10x eggs. Eggs with 20x+ Hatch Chance will have the following hatch probability.

  • Creepy Yeti - 75.5%
  • Ender Slime - 22%
  • Corrupt Skeleton - 2.15%
  • Corrupt Octopus - 0.56%
  • Creepy Wolf - 0.17%
  • Plague Dragon - ???
  • Huge Plague Dragon - ???

How to find the best Huge Chance Eggs in Pet Simulator 99?

Egg Room in Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms (Image via Roblox)
Egg Room in Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms (Image via Roblox)

50x, 75x, and 100x Huge Chance Eggs can be discovered deep inside Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms. You can also hatch them in special Egg Areas that can be unlocked via Backrooms Keys. If you come across black arrows etched on the wall, follow the direction to find locked rooms, obby courses, button-based traps, fake walls, and more.

Key Strategies for Scavenging

  • Shortcut on Obby Courses: Instead of completing obby courses the traditional way, you can fast-track the process by eliminating your character. This transports you to the end of the course, saving valuable time and accelerating your progression through different rooms.
  • Auto Movement: Activate automatic walking by pressing the "/" button while moving forward. After this, steer your avatar using right-click navigation. This feature keeps your character moving continuously without holding down movement keys.
  • Hoverboard Glitch: Exploit a known glitch that allows hoverboards in the Backrooms. Equip your board approximately 1 to 1.5 seconds before entering the Backrooms portal. If unsuccessful on your first attempt, retry or proceed on foot.
  • Navigation: It's easy to get lost, so always remember the path you've taken and establish landmarks. Continue exploring new areas without backtracking your steps to find better eggs.

Laser Areas in Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms

Hit the green button behind the ship to open the vent (Image via Roblox)
Hit the green button behind the ship to open the vent (Image via Roblox)

Locate and Activate the First Laser Door

  • Find the water area within the three laser egg sections.
  • Press the green button to open the laser door on the left side.

Accessing the Restricted Area

  • Locate the small vent near the newly opened door and swim upwards.
  • As you approach the top of the water, tap the spacebar to enter through the vent into a restricted area.
  • Once inside the restricted area, find and press the button behind the treasure ship.
  • Continue forward to the second vent and interact with the button underneath it.
  • Swim up through this vent and take a right turn at the top.
  • Press the green button located on an oyster to initiate the next sequence.

Opening the Laser Gates

  • Return to the main laser area where the paths, previously blocked by lasers are now accessible.

Solving the Password Machine Puzzle

Find three codes to open the door using the password machine (Image via Roblox)
Find three codes to open the door using the password machine (Image via Roblox)

Discovering the First Code

  • After reaching the password machine area, walk inside the open room to your left.
  • Once inside, jump into the pet image hanging on the wall to find a code.

Finding the Second Code

  • Use wooden planks to reach the top floor.
  • Reach the end of the room to find the second code.

Locating the Third Code

  • Exit the room to see a green button. There is a fake wall beside this button.
  • Go through the fake wall to uncover the third and final code.

Unlocking the Final Door

  • Return to the password machine and input the combination of the three codes collected from the different locations.
  • Unlock the door by correctly combining these codes, and hit that green button to unlock the laser inside the fake wall area.


Pet Simulator 99 Backrooms are packed with chests and challenges. We've covered some, but there's much more to explore. If you find eggs with hatch chances of 50x, 75x, or 100x, just turn on Auto-Hatch and let the game do the work while you take a break.

However, do keep in mind that if the server is reset, you'll spawn on the main map.

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