Roblox Brookhaven Egg locations (Easy, Medium, and Hard) in 2022

Readers can complete the Easter Egg Hunt in Roblox Brookhaven for free rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)
Readers can complete the Easter Egg Hunt in Roblox Brookhaven for free rewards (Image via Sportskeeda)

Roblox Brookhaven RP is a fantastic game that is a must-try if players enjoy RPGs. Since its establishment around two years ago, it has had over 17.9 billion visits, which is a clear testament to its widespread appeal. In essence, players can own homes, explore a large metropolis, and engage with many gamers while playing.

Several events are also frequently happening within Roblox Brookhaven RP, with the latest one being the Easter Egg Hunt 2022. Players can earn four different rewards through it by completing separate stages/modes.

However, Egg Hunt is quite challenging and requires considerable effort, leading to many users being confused. The following section shares a guide on the locations of the eggs in Roblox Brookhaven RP.

All Roblox Brookhaven Egg locations for the Easter Egg Hunt 2022 event


The Easter Egg Hunt 2022 event in Roblox Brookhaven offers four different modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. Each one has a designated reward that users can acquire for free.

Here are the exact locations for Roblox Brookhaven Eggs:

Roblox Brookhaven Easy Mode Egg locations

  1. Besides the white ladder of the swimming pool
  2. Beside a blue bench on the left side of the ladder
  3. Brown square tile behind the blue bench
  4. Middle of bushes on the plant
  5. On the middle plant near the road
  6. Outside of the pool
  7. Inside the pool (1)
  8. Inside the pool (2)
  9. Beside the middle plant near the store
  10. Near the plant with the blue tile close to the road
  11. Go along the same road to find beside the plant
  12. Next to the corner plant adjoining the roads
  13. Corner plant beside the pool and road
  14. Brown tile near the board where the difficulty is selected
  15. Besides the 14th egg’s brown tile

Roblox Brookhaven Medium Mode Egg locations

  1. Middle of the pool (inside)
  2. Brown platform near the road
  3. Top of the blue bench close to the pool.
  4. Front of the bus stand
  5. Next to the corner plant that is joining both the roads.
  6. Find inside the pool (right side of the swing)
  7. In front of the adoption center outside the pool
  8. Turn left from the board where the difficulty is selected
  9. Cross the road in front of egg 8, and it will be in front of the store.
  10. Left side of the shop in front of a building, right in the open
  11. Front of the Mail & Packages.
  12. Front of the Brookhaven Bank.
  13. Across the road from the Bank
  14. Front of the Brooks Diner
  15. Behind the diner.
  16. Outside “Shopping” building
  17. Front of the Grocery store.
  18. Front of the Club Brooks.
  19. Front of The Oaks.
  20. Below the daycare sign, i.e., front of the Mails & Packages.

Roblox Brookhaven Hard Mode Egg locations

  1. Behind the difficulty selection board.
  2. Top of the plant connecting the two roads.
  3. Top of the swing next to the pool.
  4. Find on the bench of the bus stop.
  5. Little alley across the right of bus stand, cross the road
  6. Close to the library.
  7. Front of the adoption center
  8. For egg 8, return to the difficulty selection board, move towards the road and turn left. Walk across the building, and it will be on the left side corner.
  9. Front door of Club Brooks.
  10. Front of the TV Station (right plant)
  11. Back-left corner a little away from TV station
  12. On Petrol Pump board
  13. Beside the road in front of the Petrol Pump.
  14. Right side of the Auto Shop.
  15. Roof of the Auto Shop building.
  16. On the Rooftop of Auto Shop (2)
  17. On top of the Drive-Thru board (Brookhaven Airport)
  18. Left side of the Drive-Thru board
  19. Front of the Brookhaven Airport sign.
  20. Top of the umbrella near Brooks Diner.
  21. Vending machine close to the umbrella.
  22. Little alley on the same road going upwards
  23. Garden area close to the Arcade building.
  24. Front door of the hospital.
  25. Graveyard beside the hospital.
  26. Little corner on the backside of the hospital.
  27. In the bus stand near the school.
  28. Front door of the school.
  29. Parking area front of the school.
  30. Alley between the town hall

Roblox Brookhaven Extreme Mode Egg locations

  1. Top of the small waterfall.
  2. Over the blue trampoline close to the pool.
  3. On the swing near the pool.
  4. Corner of the pool
  5. Outside the adoption center.
  6. Rooftop of the adoption center (yellow tile).
  7. After climbing the vents in Cell #2 of Police Station
  8. Secret room on the rooftop of Police Station.
  9. Corner of the vault in the bank.
  10. Entrance of the hacker base (jumping in vent near vault)
  11. Corner of hacker base.
  12. Bathtub in the room above, accessible from stairs outside the post office.
  13. Top of the counter in Starbrooks coffee
  14. In the room on the right upstairs of Dentist building
  15. Top of the ladder behind the auditorium stage in the school
  16. Find the egg behind the basket in the school’s gym by going up the ladder
  17. First floor girl’s restroom
  18. In the open grave (graveyard)
  19. Find in Hospital rooftop
  20. Accessible in the corner by going through the door after the broken glass in hospital.
  21. Turn the power off and go to the secret passage beside Xray room. Egg will be found at the bottom of the water.
  22. Pool beneath the stairs of town hall.
  23. After pressing a switch in the crevice of Townhall, climb the ladder and find the egg in the corner.
  24. Behind the stairs of Brooke Apartments
  25. Find in the Grocery store’s parking lot.
  26. Go to the Auto Shop’s rooftop.
  27. Follow the same road and find the egg in the bunker on the left.
  28. Another egg is behind the bunker
  29. Next, inside the car wash close to the Petrol Pump
  30. Find inside the secret room next to Petrol Pump.
  31. Discover on the left after entering through the blue door next to the Petrol Pump
  32. First room on the left of the ‘Now Playing’ area.
  33. Left side after going through Happy burger’s yellow doo
  34. Behind the TV of the building beside the town hall.
  35. Trash can present on the right of Brookhaven Airport.
  36. Behind the motel in the little corner.
  37. In the middle of the two huts on top of the diner.
  38. Behind the counter of the diner.
  39. Kitchen of the airplane.
  40. Behind the scan machine of the airport.

Readers can also check out the video attached below to have a visual overview of where the eggs are located:


It will take them a few hours, but players will easily be able to accomplish the Egg Hunt and receive the four rewards from different stages.

About Roblox Brookhaven RP

Roblox Brookhaven RP is one of the top games (Image via Roblox)
Roblox Brookhaven RP is one of the top games (Image via Roblox)

Roblox Brookhaven RP is by Wolfpaq and has been running strong for the past few years, having been on the Favorites list of over 13 million users. It generally has over 150 thousand active players, and the size of each server is 18.

When playing this RP with their friends, gamers will definitely enjoy the unique features that have been put into it. They can also end up making new friends by interacting with new people.

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