Roblox Innovation Awards 2023: Winners

Featured image of the Innovation Awards 2023 winners (Image via Roblox/Twitter)
Featured image of the Innovation Awards 2023 winners (Image via Roblox/Twitter)

The Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 was initially set to take place earlier this year. However, the event was delayed due to security concerns and was postponed to November 10, 2023. The show was hosted by Justin "JPARTY" Sousa, Roblox's Head of Global Developer Community, and Lauren "LuluSpookyPanda" Freeman, Head of Developer Advocacy.

Several popular metaverse-based YouTubers live-streamed the Roblox Innovation Awards 2023 on their respective channels. That said, we also saw the hosts interview some of the winners and nominees of this year's event.

List of nominees and winners at Roblox Innovation Awards 2023

Best New Experience

  • DOORS (Winner)
  • Shovelware’s Brain Game
  • Rainbow Friends
  • The Survival Game

People’s Choice

  • Catalog Avatar Creator
  • Blox Fruits (Winner)

Best Creative Direction

  • Drive World
  • Winds of Fortune
  • Frontlines
  • Rainbow Friends (Winner)

Best Use of Audio & Voice

  • Shovelware’s Brain Game (Winner)
  • Frontlines
  • Survive the Killer!

Best New Video Star

  • ProjectSupreme
  • PolarCub (Winner)
  • Chekecheto
  • Lana‘s Life

Best Studio

  • Twin Atlas (Winner)
  • Sawhorse
  • Gamer Robot Inc

Best Collaboration

  • RB Battles (Season 3) (Winner)
  • My Hello Kitty Cafe
  • Elton John’s ‘Beyond The Yellow Brick Road’
  • Gucci Town + Vans World

Best Video Star Video

  • “Five Player RB Battles Championship Season 3 Finale!” (RB Battles)
  • “The Rise of Roblox’s Richest Kid” (Olix)
  • “Complete Edition | Doors Animation” (Jeny_Punker)
  • “I Let Random Players Control The Entire Roblox Game” (Temprist) (Winner)

Best Use of Fashion

  • Gucci Town
  • Catalog Avatar Creator (Winner)
  • Royale High

Best Use of Tech

  • Frontlines (Winner)
  • RB Battles (Season 3)

Best Video Star

  • TanqR (Winner)
  • Sketch
  • RoxiCake Gamer
  • IBella

Most Immersive Environment

  • My Hello Kitty Cafe
  • Drive World (Winner)
  • Driving Empire
  • Arcane Odyssey

Best UGC Item (Avatar Marketplace)

  • Off Shoulder Jacket (Pink)
  • Alien Carrying You Costume
  • Laid-back Earbuds
  • Oversized Knitted Rock Band Sweater (Black) (Winner)

Best UGC Limited Item (Avatar Marketplace)

  • #FREE High Waist Puffer Jacket
  • Exclusive Max Watch (Gold) (Winner)
  • Catalog Avatar Creator Mascot
  • Black Luxury Purse

Builderman Award of Excellence

  • Doors - LSPLASH

Description of games that won Roblox Innovation Awards



Doors is a survival game that boasts a whopping 4.1 billion visits in Roblox. Here, you must solve puzzles and survive against dangerous Entities roaming around the hotel (map).

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is arguably the best One Piece-based metaverse offering. You can have your own pirate/marine adventures in the pirate-infested universe of Blox Fruits. Additionally, you can also consume Blox Fruits (Devil Fruits) to increase your power on the server.

Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends is a survival-based horror game where you must solve puzzles and evade monsters to succeed. It garnered a staggering 2.7 billion visits on the metaverse and offers a variety of in-game features.

Driving World

This Roblox experience revolves around different types of racing and super cars. You can customize everything, from nitro (turbo) to the tires of your vehicles. The interiors of your cars can also be designed according to your preferences.


Frontlines is an action-packed FPS title that is slowly gaining popularity among FPS enthusiasts. The environment and level design are of high resolution and are detailed when compared to other FPS titles.

Catalog Avatar Creator

You can design clothing and sell them for Robux in this title. Furthermore, you can shop using the official Roblox store's catalog and use them in-game. The game also features a plethora of pre-existing free accessories and more.

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